Time Of My Life

Morgan was just an average girl who moved to Los Angeles, California. What happens when she meets the hottest boyband in the world at her new school? Will old friends ruin her chances of love? You gotta read to find out! Xx


8. Movie Night And Cuddling

~Morgan's P.O.V.~
   I couldn't help but feel bad for what I said to Niall. I hope he didn't feel bad. Anyway, the popcorn was done and I brought it out into the living room. I squished in between Harry and Louis, and they started the movie. We were watching Insidious. this movie scared me so much. I hid into Louis' chest at scary parts, and eventually drifted off to sleep in his lap. 
~Louis' P.O.V.~
   I guess she was tired. I couldn't help but notice Harry keep looking at her. Did he like her too? He already had Cheyenne, why does he look at Morgan like her fancies her too? Ugh. He's hard to understand. I picked Morgan up off my lap and walked into Niall's room. "She fell asleep. Here ya go" I told him as I set her down carefully on his bed. What would he do with her tonight? Were they going to sleep in the same bed? "Okay, thanks" he said back to me. i left the room.

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