Time Of My Life

Morgan was just an average girl who moved to Los Angeles, California. What happens when she meets the hottest boyband in the world at her new school? Will old friends ruin her chances of love? You gotta read to find out! Xx


3. Do I Like Him?

   Niall took me to Taco Bell. We both got our food and made our way to an open table way in the back. "You know, you're very beautiful" He said to me. I blushed. Hard. "Well, thanks. You're not bad yourself!" He laughed. I think I made him happy.
   Once we had finished eating our food, he asked me to come over to his house. "Of course! That should be fun!" He smiled and said "Cool, my parents are on a cruise though. Do you still want to come?" I thought about it for a second. A night, alone? "Y-Yeah" "Okay, lets go!" He took my hand and led me to his car. 
   While we were in the car, a lot was going through my mind. Did I like him? How do I feel about him? I honestly don't even know. I just kept rambling on in my head until I heard him say something and laugh. "What?" I asked. "Oh nothing, I just said how you're a good singer. I realised I had been singing to Grenade by Bruno Mars. I felt embarassed. "Oh" was all I could say. 
   We pulled up at a huge house, he got out and opened up the door to my side and took my hand, leading me inside. "Well this is it!" Woah. Just woah. My mouth dropped. This place was bigger on the inside than it looked. He just laughed. I noticed some people on the couch. "I thought we'd be alone..?" "Oh no, the boys you met today live with me" "Cool! They seem nice!" 

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