Time Of My Life

Morgan was just an average girl who moved to Los Angeles, California. What happens when she meets the hottest boyband in the world at her new school? Will old friends ruin her chances of love? You gotta read to find out! Xx


19. Bad Feeling

   ~Morgan's P.O.V.~
   I can't believe what I just did! I kissed Harry Styles! He has a girlfriend still I think. Oh well, he kissed back. I pulled away slowly and smirked "You're not a bad kisser you know!" I winked and he blushed "I wouldn't of even kissed you if I thought you were bad" he kissed my on the forehead and suddenly I felt really guilty.
    A/N- I know this chapter is short! Sososo sorry! Hope you all like the story so far! It's been really fun to write! If you like this story, like it, comment, and keep reading! Love every single one of you! :) xx

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