In this story there is this girl named Casper who always has frightening flashbacks from the past, but Liam Payne from One Direction is always there to snap her out of them and makes her feel better. Daddy Direction comes and saves the day for Casper. Casper can never stop with the flashbacks and gets scared every single day no matter what. All of them are about when she was little and when her parents died and all the people that tried to kill her. Nothing can stop her, until...


3. With Him


We finally got to the house and I ran upstairs with Casper and I jumped on my bed. "What happened back there?" I asked. "Nothing. It's nothing." I wanted her to tell me, but she didn't. "Trust me. No matter what it is, I'll help. I promise I won't tell anyone." I wanted her to tell me so freaking bad. "You promise?" "Yes, I promise." She wrapped her arms around me and cried. "Thank you Liam. Thank you so much." "Your welcome Casper, now, tell me what the problem was." "Well," She started. "COME DOWN AND EAT GUISE!!" Harry shouted. "COMING!!" We raced downstairs and sat in our spots. Niall let Casper sit in his spot since she is more comfortable with me. Once we were done eating, Casper and I ran back upstairs so she can finish her sentence after being rudely interrupted by Harry. 


"Umm, I," I started to say. I was scared, I can't trust anyone no matter what. I just, I just can't do it. I thought to myself, what's gonna happen after I tell Liam? Will he think I'm crazy? Will he not help me? Will he not think that he can help me? I can't think correctly right now. I trust him, I don't trust him. WHAT AM I GONNA DO? WHAT DO I CHOOSE? I'll trust him. I like being with him. If I don't trust him, I'll never be able to be with him. With him. "Every single day, I have these flashbacks. Flashbacks that are bad. Nothing good. BecauSe back then, I didn't have a good life. I've only had bad ones." "Don't worry. I'll always be with you every second I can. I help you no matter how long it takes. You can always be with me." He smiled and I smiled back I hugged him and within a few minutes, I fell asleep.


SORRY!! I apologize that this chapter is so short!! Next one, trust me, it's gonna be long. If not, next next one. At least some chapter is gonna be pretty long. :)

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