In this story there is this girl named Casper who always has frightening flashbacks from the past, but Liam Payne from One Direction is always there to snap her out of them and makes her feel better. Daddy Direction comes and saves the day for Casper. Casper can never stop with the flashbacks and gets scared every single day no matter what. All of them are about when she was little and when her parents died and all the people that tried to kill her. Nothing can stop her, until...


1. The Very First Day I Met Him


I run, run, run as fast as I can. Breathing heavily, I run to a brick wall, but has vines to climb. "COME BACK HERE CASPER!" I looked behind to see how close he was to me. About 3 miles away. Far enough to lose him. "WHAT DO YOU WANT JACK!" I shouted frightened. "TO KILL YOU! WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK?!" I ran faster and faster. The more I ran, the more I lost my breath. Then, finally, I fainted, fainted right in front of a van. Everything still blurry, I could see a cute boy walk out, then, everything went black. "BEEP...BEEP...BEEP..." "Is she okay?" "I think she's waking up!" "Yup, she is getting up." I heard people say with British, but one Irish accent. "What, what happened. Who are you people?!" I screamed. "Don't worry. I saw you fainted outside of our van. You wouldn't get up so I picked you up and laid you down in our van and took you to the hospital," said the boy that I am pretty sure I saw before everything went black. "Oh." I said. "Do you remember what happened before at all?" He asked. "I don't really know." I said. "Well, now that we are here, what is your name?" said the boy. "Casper. My name is Casper. Casper... Er... Umm." "I suppose you don't remember what your last name after that hard fall?" "Nope." I faked a smile as he was about to tell me his name. "My name is Liam. Liam Payne. And these are my friends, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Harry." They all surrounded me around the hospital bed and smiled. Oh god. Their smiles are like my heart now. Anyway, "When can I get out?"  "In about 30 minutes. We have to head to a concert. Do you mind if we take you there?" "No. Are you in a band?" "WE ARE THE BAND." They all say in a chorus. "Let me go sign you out so we can get you early since we need to get ready a bit early." said Liam. I watched as Liam walked out the door thinking. Maybe thinking that I look disgusting, thinking why the heck I fainted in front of a van, and why the potatoes I fainted and what happened before I fainted. A few minutes later Liam came back in the room. "You're set to go!" He said. I walked off the bed, still having my regular clothes on. "Let's go!" said Louis.

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