In this story there is this girl named Casper who always has frightening flashbacks from the past, but Liam Payne from One Direction is always there to snap her out of them and makes her feel better. Daddy Direction comes and saves the day for Casper. Casper can never stop with the flashbacks and gets scared every single day no matter what. All of them are about when she was little and when her parents died and all the people that tried to kill her. Nothing can stop her, until...


2. Carmen


We exited the fan and headed towards the outdoor stage. I walked up to Simon and told him about Casper. "Please make sure she doesn't run off. And make sure that someone is watching her. That calls for Paul." I said sternly to Simon. "Okay. PAUL!!!" He shouted. "COMING SIMON!!!" Paul shouted back. He ran over to where we were and Uncle Si to him what to do. "I now present you, ONE DIRECTION!!" "AHHHHHH!" I heard screaming founds at least try to blow out our ear drums. I ran onto stage as the girls screamed more.


As I heard girls screaming girls shouting and chanting "1D 1D 1D 1D!!" I saw a girl with skinny blue jeans with flowing hair that has purple ends. With a very cute shirt that was shoulderless which was the color grayish white. I saw her walking towards me so I ask Paul if he could get me a drink and some food. He walks off and signal the girl to come and run to me. "Are you Casper?" "Yes." I said confused. "What's your name?" I ask. "Carmen" "That's a very pretty name" I say. "Thanks." She says and smiles. "I like yours too. It's very lovely." "Thanks." I say back. We ended smiling and having a fun conversation. The concert ended in about 40 minutes and me and Carmen had enough time to get to know each other a little bit. The boys walked backstage and I introduced them to Carmen. When we all were done having a nice conversation, Louis took Carmen near the forest and started talking. I heard laughs and giggles and I smiled. I never seen a relationship go so well in front of me. Then all of a sudden I had a flashback. "I HATE YOU STEVEN!!" I heard my mom shout. She ran out the kitchen door and I quickly hid and slammed myself into the wall. "I HATE YOU TOO!! YOU WON'T BE SEEING ME IN THE ROOM TONIGHT!!" "I DON'T CARE!!" "GOOD. I NEVER WANT TO TALK NOR SEE YOU EVER AGAIN SILVIA!!!" My dad ran upstairs into the bedroom and grabbed his stuff and ran back downstairs and into the guestroom. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS??!!!" I shouted out to my parents. After that echoed through the house, I heard my mom starting to sob. I ran to where the sound was coming from and started to pat her back. "I'm so sorry Casper. I I I didn't mean for this to to to happen." She said between sobs. I started to sob, but only louder. I wasn't old, I wasn't young but I was 10. I kind of understood and kind of did though. Anyway, my dad ran out of the room and came and picked me off the ground. I tried jumping out of his arms but he was too strong.I cried and cried as he threw me outside. "LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! YOU MADE HER CRY!!!" I heard my father say. "ME??!!!" I hear my mother shout. The argument went on for an hour, then finally, "WE ARE GOING TO DIVORCE!!!!!" I heard my mum say. I heard a clang on the floor so I guess she pulled off her wedding ring. I was sad. I won't ever be happy and ever be able to see my father. My mom ran out the door grabbed my hand and we ran, we ran far away from the house, then CRRRRR CRASH!!! My mum was hit by a car. "MOMMMMMM!!!!!" I cried out. I heard people calling police and I ran. I didn't want to be taken away. I ran back home, but found my father, dead. Lying on the ground. I cried and cried. "CASPER?! CASPER?!" I snapped out of the flashback and I jumped off my chair and ran up to Liam and hugged him tightly and cried. "I think it's time to go," he said. Then we left.

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