All I Want (Michael Clifford)

Loosing someone makes us feel lifeless but just remember, you'll join them again one day.....


2. um sorry?

Hollie's POV

I looked up at the clock and it showed 11:01 am. I reluctantly got up from bed and to get something to eat. "Well good morning" my roommate Isabel said. "Good morning" I yawned.

"It's such a pretty day today!" Isabel chirped. I looked out the window, the sun gleamed through the window and temporarily blinded me. Y-yeah" I covered my eyes with my hands. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the park with me today?" Isabel asked. "Sure" I replied rubbing my eyes sleepily. "Be ready in 30 minuuuuutes" she chimed. "Okay" I laughed. I quickly ate my cereal, and went to go change in my room. I put on a pair of black skinny jeans, and a red T-shirt. I pulled on a pair of converse, and grabbed my phone. "Where are my earbuds" I whispered annoyed. "Here they are!" I whispered, and grabbed them. I ran into the other room "I'm ready!" I jumped. Isabel was already standing in the room. "Well, let's go!" She giggled. We got into her car, and I sat in the passenger seat. I put my earbuds in and turned on my music. I put on the song "Ours" by Taylor Swift. When we got to the park, we started to walk around. There was a large pond there, so we walked around that. "Woah look at that guy!" Isabel pointed to a guy with curly brown/blonde hair. "I'm going to go talk to him! Ummmm, let's meet back at the car around 5:30 pm" she said. "Kk" I said, giggling. Isabel went to go talk to the guy, so I continued waking around the pond. I started to get bored so I walked over to a peach tree they had in the park. It was so gorgeous because there were peaches hanging from the limbs. I didn't see anyone else around the tree so I put my hand on the peach. I felt someone else try to grab the same peach. "Oh I-i'm sorry" they said. "Oh no, I'm sorry" I looked at him. "Hehe" he said nervously. He had to be Australian because of his accent. He had dirty blonde hair, and stunning green eyes. "Um hi, I'm Hollie" I introduced myself. "I'm Michael" he smiled. He had on a grey shirt, black jeans, converse, and a navy blue jacket. "So are you Australian?" I asked. Really Hollie?! I thought to myself. "Yeah" he laughed a bit. A gust of wind blew through the chilly air, making me shiver. "Are you cold?" He asked. "Yeah kind of" I looked down. A few seconds after, I felt something around me. Michael had put his jacket around me. "Y-you didn't have to do that" I blushed shyly. "It's okay, I'm kinda hot right now anyways" he blushed and smiled. "Thank you" I smiled and pulled him into a hug. We pulled out of the hug, and sat down. I still had my earbuds in and the song playing was "All I want" by Kodaline. "So what song are you listening too?" He put one of my earbuds into his ear. "I love this song!" he gleamed. "Me too!" I gasped. "So do you have a phone?" He asked. "Yep! That's what I'm listening to my music from" I exclaimed. "Can I hold it?" He looked at the phone. "Yep" I typed in my passcode and handed Michael the phone. "I have an iPhone 4 too!" He smiled. He went to my contacts and typed in his phone number. He entitled himself 'MIKEYYY' and took a selfie for his contact picture. "Here you go" he handed me back my phone. "Thank you" I giggled. I glanced at my phone and read the time. '5:17 pm' it read. "Oh god, I have to go!" I jumped up. Michael jumped up "why?" he frowned. " I have be back at my friend's car at 5:30" I said. "Can I walk with you?" He asked. "Sure" I smiled. We walked to the car and had conversations about random stuff. "Well, here it is" I said. We reached the car about 5:32. "Please text me later" he smiled. "Okay, I promise". I gave Michael a hug and got into the passenger seat. Isabel was already there, looking at me funny. "Yes?" I laughed. "Who was he?" She smirked. "Michael" I giggled. "You like him" she smiled proudly. "Uh n-no I don't" I laughed nervously. "Mmhmm, I didn't get that from that hug." She laughed. "Shut up" I laughed. As we drove home, Michael was all over my mind.


This was probably the most sucky thing ever but I tried okay :)

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