Age is just a number

When Harmony goes to a party and goes home through an alleyway, she gets grabbed and held against a wall. She is about to get hurt, but then someone comes and help. She doesn't realize it but she got stabbed in the side and woke up in the hospital. She woke up to 5 boys who are famous. She doesn't know but they are those boys all over her sisters wall. Read to find out more. Thanks! <3


2. 1

       I just got done with the last period in school for the week and I walked over to my friends. '' Hey Harmony!'' Said my friend, Johanne. '' Hey guys!'' I smiled. Just then, my ex came strutting up to me. '' Hey babe.'' He smiled. '' What do you want Kadrick? I'm a little busy for your bullsh** right now.'' I rolled my eyes. He looked me up and down. He smiled and pointed at my gold sparkly shirt. '' I remember that was your favorite shirt.'' '' It still is! Now go away!'' I yelled. A teacher noticed and came up to us. '' Harmony, Kadrick. What's the matter?'' I rolled my eyes and said,'' Nothing, Mrs. Pendrin. I was just telling Kadrick here, that I was too busy to talk to him.''' I faked a smile as he nodded. I looked back to Mrs. Pendrin. She smiled and shit me a thumbs up and walked off. She is the best teacher ever! I looked back to Kadrick but he wasn't there. I shrugged and turned to my friends. '' So what's up?'' I asked them. '' Well, Chloe is having a party tonight and we don't want you to miss it. You could sing at it! It will be great!'' I blushed and said,'' I'll come but I will NOT sing. What should I wear?'' Chloe smiled and said,'' anything cute! Its not something you have to impress at.'' I giggled and said,'' I want to be cute anyway. How about my cute, dark blue short dress?'' She jumped up and down. '' Yes!! That's perfect!!'' We started laughing until my crush, Jake, came up to me and said,'' Hey... I.. I was wondering... I.. If you.. Umm.. Wanted to.. You know... Bemydatetothepartytonight?'' He mumbled the last part while itching his arm nervously. Inside, I was screaming, but on the outside, I put on a flirty smile and said,'' OK. Sure. That would be cool. Here's my number.'' And I handed him a paper with my number on it. He smiled and walked away with a little skip in each step. I giggled and we all went to my flat. 


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