Beautiful Paradise

My name is Darcy Styles, I was named by my father Harry. Our family was bright and happy like a normal family. Things happen our family began to tear apart all thanks to me I vanished into the air. Now all I see is my family trying to get through the terrible pain I caused them.


4. That day April 6,2028

Darcy's POV :

I head out to school early today, but really for no reason just because I wanted too. As I was walking down the side walk I took a glance at George's flat. He was right at his window watching me. He waved and I returned it with no smile. I continued to school and soon the day was over. Thank god I wanted to go enjoy my weekend today. As I was walking to my locker I heard the principle Mr.Perkins yelling at some girl. I believe her name was Ruth. I guess he got disturbed with the drawing she drew for art class because she walked out slamming the door. People here thought she was weird but she lived by this sink hole and I kinda got her. She saw things others didn't. I continued walking towards my destination then I accidentally bumped into someone, Dustin. He gave me a warming smile and helped me pick up my stuff. It was an awkward silence until he spoke up "Darcy well urm you know your really beautiful and I was kinda wondering if you'd like to hang out tomorrow?" I gave him a warm smile and nodded my head."Great meet me at the mall tomorrow at 10 by the flower shop" he said walking away. I blushed and ran out the school doors happier than ever. Nothing can ruin my mood not even George. I was skipping through the meadow today because it was the easiest way home when my papers flew out of my hand. George who happened to be there helped pick them. He looked at me and said "You're the Styles girl right?" I nodded. "Good you see I was building this kinda club house for the kids it's under ground though, I'd love for you to come take a look and tell me what you think" he said with a grin on his face. I was frighten by this man but since he told me I was already late to go home I gave in and took a look, knowing I'd probably regret this when I got home. 


I took a look it was quite nice, the children in the neighborhood would be very pleased. I got up and began to climb the ladder when someone grabbed my leg, George. He gave me a weird look and said "Oh you're not going anywhere." I glanced at him and then kicked him but unfortunately he was stronger than I was. He did things to me, horrible things. I was tied up when I saw him grab his knife. I begged him not to but he did, my body lying there covered in a pool of blood. I couldn't see it because my sight grew blurry but I felt it. I was a dying animal losing its breathe and that man was just staring at me drift away. My spirit got up and I began to run. I ran and ran and accidentally hit Ruth. She was the last person I got to feel. I began to think if I was still alive and maybe this is a dream. Then it hit me I saw my dad he had a photo of me and was with Louis asking people of they've seen me. I scram to him so many times I think he actually heard me because he turned to my direction but his image began to fade away. Those red puffy emerald green eyes, that worried man looking for his dead daughter was gone and so was I. It's was official I Darcy Marie Styles was dead. 

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