Beautiful Paradise

My name is Darcy Styles, I was named by my father Harry. Our family was bright and happy like a normal family. Things happen our family began to tear apart all thanks to me I vanished into the air. Now all I see is my family trying to get through the terrible pain I caused them.


6. Not Alone

Darcy's POV :

I stared at figure who seemed to be a girl. She was yelling something I really didn't understand. Until she came up running towards me saying "You shouldn't be doing that."

 I gave her a confused looked and responded "Doing what?" 

"Looking back, you're not supposed to do that, you're supposed to go forward never back." "But I-" she cut me off grabbing my hand and running towards the other direction.

 I took a glance back at home, I wanted to go back so bad. I realized a total stranger was pulling me somewhere so I yanked my hand out of her's . 

"Urm not be rude but who are you?" I said quite annoyed at her. "I'm Janet, I'm only 16, you?" "Darcy, I'm 15." She pulled my hand again and dragged me along the path we had to go. 

She was actually pretty nice she told me how things were like after being dead and that I was stuck in place called the in-between. She told me me the in-between was a beautiful  place because it's between the horizon of heaven and earth, but she said it wasn't as nearly beautiful as heaven itself. She said heaven was a place where we had no memory, no cornfields everything was perfect, but I still needed time before I officially let go. I gave her a smile and thanked her for the information she had given me, when it finally hit me I had a date with Dustin earlier today. 


Janet was talking about some shop she and her dad used to own in Canada, turns out she was murdered too. I stopped listening to her once I laid my eyes on some beautiful sparkling red roses. 

Then an image of Dustin sitting in the mall waiting for me appeared.  I think he's been there for a while because he got up and looked disappointed I didn't show up. Before he could move away Ruth came running to him.

" I know who you were waiting for" she said out of breathe. 

Dustin gave her a confused look, "She isn't coming, she won't be at school tomorrow either"she replied.

 "You'll probably think I'm a freak, but that girl, the one your waiting for her ghost . . . she touched me" she said trying to convince him. Dustin was still confused, he looked so adorable. "She's gone, she's dead so don't look at me like an idiot because what I'm telling you is true I felt that ghost, the ghost of Darcy"she said once again. Dustin finally processed what she was saying but he told her she was crazy. He got up and  begun to walk away. 

Ruth spatted at him "Fine don't believe me but tomorrow when you don't see her you'll remember what I said and remember how I told you I saw the dead daughter of Harry Styles", she got up and stomped away real pissed. 

Once again the great Janet who happened to pull me out of the image of earth and dragged me out of it, then began traveling to  heaven. I missed Dustin, I was really hoping my first kiss was going to be with him. Janet was right I need to stop looking back all I did was feel sorry for myself, I need to learn how to let go. 

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