Beautiful Paradise

My name is Darcy Styles, I was named by my father Harry. Our family was bright and happy like a normal family. Things happen our family began to tear apart all thanks to me I vanished into the air. Now all I see is my family trying to get through the terrible pain I caused them.


2. My Past Life.

Darcy's POV :

I remember being real small, to small the reach the end of the table. There was a snow globe on the counter with a snow man inside it. I always worried for it because he was all alone trapped inside there. My father caught me one day staring at it. He ruffled through my blonde curls and he said "Don't worry baby girl he's happy. He's inside his own perfect world." I had blonde hair like my mother but my hair was also curly because of my dad's curls , I had his eyes and his cheeky smile too. I loved him, though he punished me whenever I miss behaved he was my dad and I was a huge daddy's girl. He gave me a camera for my birthday, he knew I wanted to be a wild photographer when I was older. Uncle Louis always said I was a weird child for wanting to be that. My dad just told me to ignore him nobody's perfect.My dad used to be in a band. He and other four guys who happen to be my uncles were a real hit but that stopped four years ago. I was still in touch with uncle Liam ,Lou,Zayn and Niall. They were really kind to me when I was alive. So were their wives. I remembering waking up to my mum screaming "Darcy, Sam time for school!" ugh another day at Holmes Chapel High. 


I got up to get ready. I let my blonde hair down releasing my curls put on some red sweats and a white sweater with a white v neck underneath. I came running down stairs for breakfast and sat down on the chair by the table. I saw my dad trying to convince Noah to eat his oatmeal, but Noah had other plans for the oatmeal which was now cement for his toy truck. Dad kept telling him "Buddy cement stays in the bowl or your mouth" my little brother who was a 5 was ignoring my father like boys like him usually do. My sister came down to eat too.My mum gave us our food, we ate then we brushed our teeth. I was heading out the door when my mom pulled out a hat. I gave her a look that said I'm-not-wearing-that. She scram at my dad "Harold tell your daughter to put this on because its cold outside." My dad hated when my mum knitted clothes for us but he told me to put on and I obeyed. My sister started laughing which caused my mom to get furious and she said "Don't worry your next." With that we both ran out the door and head off to school.  


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