Beautiful Paradise

My name is Darcy Styles, I was named by my father Harry. Our family was bright and happy like a normal family. Things happen our family began to tear apart all thanks to me I vanished into the air. Now all I see is my family trying to get through the terrible pain I caused them.


1. Intro

 Darcy POV :

It was one of those days I usually just sit by this beautiful tree and watch my family. Watch how my father tries to move on. My mother who can't even get a hold of herself. My sister Sam who was only two years younger than me.There's was my little brother Noah, who was trying to understand everything that was going on. My grandmother had move in a couple of months ago do to a tragedy. My tragedy. Yes , I'm 15 year old teenage girl with hair and eyes like the other girls but the thing is I'm no longer living. My last is Styles like my father first name Darcy I was 15 when I was murdered on April 6 2028. 

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