Beautiful Paradise

My name is Darcy Styles, I was named by my father Harry. Our family was bright and happy like a normal family. Things happen our family began to tear apart all thanks to me I vanished into the air. Now all I see is my family trying to get through the terrible pain I caused them.


5. Can't let go . . .

Darcy's POV :

 I woke up in the fresh green meadow, the breeze hitting my face. I began to wonder around the place when I saw flat just like mine. I walked in and saw my family they all looked like if they had a terrible nightmare. All of my uncles and their wives were there but they didn't seem any better. That's when a knock at the door was made. It's was the police and the detectives. They came in and greeted everyone "Good morning Mr and Mrs. Styles" the detective said. "Take a seat, any news of my daughter?"my mother said. "Actually yes, we were investigating around the area we found this" the detective said pulling out the hat my mum made me wear the other day covered in blood. She looked terrified, broken and went pale. Eleanor, Louis' wife saw and grabbed all the children and head into Noah's room with Danielle, Liam's wife. "Do you recognize this hat ma'am?" one of the officers said.The room became silent. My mum began to cry and nodded her head. She ran into my dad's arms, he looked like he wasn't convinced that I was gone. "Is that all you found?" dad said in a stern voice. "Not only that sir, blood, lots of it out in the meadow" he responded. "I don't see a body until I see her body I will convinced she's gone" he said not getting his faith down, he always hoped one day I'd come home. "Sir, with the evidence and the amount of blood lost we have confirmed your daughter was murdered, I'm very sorry for you-" before he could finish Louis interrupted him "You said there was no body, she could still be alive wondering the city." My mum ran out of the room, before I saw anything else I heard voice yelling at me from behind. I turned  and couldn't believe what I saw. 

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