I don't remember

This is about a girl that loses her memory in a car crash.


4. Chapter 3

Blooms POV 

i awake to Tanisha talking about wht we are "shh" I say as I try to go back to sleep "sorry but could you show then what you can-" I cut her off by zipping her lips up...literally "I said 'shh!" I say going back to sleep "hmph!" Tanisha sighs crossing her arms "whatever" I say sitting up "NFC MFN mm?" Tanisha tries to speak "you'll do it?" Tanisha says after I unzip her mouth "yes" I sigh "YES!" Tanisha says accidently punching Louis in the face "OMG I'm soo sorry Louis I didn't mean it really!" Tanisha freaks out. I look at my body. Bigger breasts. Longer hair. Brighter eyes. QUEENN!! "AHH IM QUEEN NOO!" I say crying "dude your not queen!" Louis says "do you even know what I'm talking about?" I ask getting in his face "ugh yeah that you should get a breath mint!" Louis says. I start to back away but choke him at the same time "please stop Bloom!" Tanisha says. I stop and force the bus to stop. I walk off of the bus and immediately get approached by a man with flames as hair "will you-" "no" I cut him off drowning him "BLOOM WAIT!!" A guy with curly hair says "and who might you be?" I ask turning around and watching his gaze fix on my breasts "wow" he says "my face is up here stupid" I say pointing at my face "ugh sorry" he says putting his eyes on my bright orange ones "umm what do you mean queen?" He asks "well curly I am queen of immortals now" I say sitting in mid air "wow make me float please" he begs. I make him float higher then me "OKAY THAT'S HIGH ENOUGH!" He says getting scared "woos" I say floating to him "can you turn people?" He asks "yes I can actually and only I can turn you and others" I say "how I thought that was only vampires and wolves "no only if I allow it" I say

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