I don't remember

This is about a girl that loses her memory in a car crash.


3. Chapter 2

Tanishas POV 

"BLOOM!!" I scream as I awake to see her lifeless body. I approach her with caution and hear her moan as I pick her head up "hey what's your name love?" A cute guy with stripes says "Tanisha Hardie and you are?" I ask him "Louis Tomlinson. It's nice to meet you. Umm can we take you on the bus?" Louis asks "what for?" I ask "to get her and you washed off" Louis says "umm firstly 'her' name is Bloom and your bit going to strip her right? Because she is very self-conscious!" I say remembering her scars over her stomach from her father "no no no we just want to wash the blood out of her hair and face" Louis says "alright. Ill take her" I say making her float behind me when no one was looking. I take her in the bus and pretend I'm holding her when I'm actually making her float "just set her down there" Louis says "and what did it mean 'we" I ask Louis "oh I'm in a band GUYS!!" Louis says "COMING!" I hear lots of voices says. I get scared and accidently freeze everybody but Bloom and myself "Bloom wake up I don't know what to do!!" I say slapping her face making her eyes snap open "OWW!" She says slapping me across the face "haha what's wrong Tanisha?" Bloom asks. 


~blooms POV~

I feel a sharp pain on my left cheek and I snap my eyes open "OWW!" I say slapping Tanisha across the face "what's wrong Tanisha?" I ask laughing "umm I got scared and froze everyone" Tanisha says pointing to someone caged in ice "ahh Tanisha!" I say melting the ice off of everyone and making it vanish "what happened?" Louis asks "you were about to say something and you froze" Tanisha said "your awake" the same guy says "ugh yeah I am" I say looking down not growing my flurro orange eyes "OOH CAN I SEE YOUR EYES PLEASE!!" A guy with blonde hair says "ugh no" I say bluntly "aww why" he says sulking like a 4-year-old "because" I say looking out the window from where I was "we'll all I can see from behind you is blue and light green hair?" Another boy says confused "yes if I wasn't covered in blood you would be able to see my eyes which I'm not allowing!" I say turning around with my eyes closed "come on Bloom they've seen my eyes! Don't make me force you!" Tanisha says "ha I'd like to see you try!" I say accepting the challenge. I see the future and put my arm up making her freeze. I picture her with clown make up on and I make her turn around "HAHAHA!" They all laugh. I open my eyes a little bit but not enough for them to see my eyes "OMG BLOOM YOUR EYES ARE GLOWING!!" Tanisha screams. I snap my eyes open and realize it was a trick "GRR!" I growl at Tanisha and look away not knowing what was wrong with me "omg she has flurro orange eyes! That's creepy!" I hear someone say "what did you say?" I ask blowing steam at a blonde guy "that your eyes are creepy!" He says "THAT'S EXACTLY WHY I DIDN'T WANT TO SHOW YOU GUYS!!" I say "AHH BLOOM YOUR EYES AEE REALLY GLOWING NOW!!" Tanisha says "oh no!" I say thinking if where my mum would be. I run off the bus and down the creek to see my mothers dead body "no I'm not ready to be queen!" I say remembering how I was created. Rape. "Bloom-OMG no" Tanisha says looking at my transforming body. I start to float in the air as I glow. I feel my hair getting longer. I feel my eyes growing brighter. I feel my breasts get bigger. Oh no. I'm Queen! "Holy CHICKEN NUGGETS!!" Tanisha screams with Louis "bloom" I hear Tanisha whisper as I touch the ground not knowing where I was "Bloom?" Tanisha says "where am I?" I ask making myself float as I feel myself falling "your in the middle of Dallas and Yass" she says helping my aching body down after I've blacked out.

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