I don't remember

This is about a girl that loses her memory in a car crash.


2. Chapter 1

Blooms POV 

"WE ARE FAMILY! GET UP EVERYBODY AND SING!!" Me and my cousin Tanisha sing "CHANGE THE SONG PLEASE" my stupid know it all sister, Abigail, says "sure honey" my mother says changing the song to Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal". Me and Tanisha start singing when I scream as darkness fulfills me. I hear ruffled voices "OMG SHE'S ALIVE!!" A mans voice says. I try to open my eyes but don't succeed "don't worry love everything will be okay" a gentle but low voice says. I try to speak but again don't succeed "HEY MATE!! WE SHOULD GET HER AND THIS OTHER GIRL INTO THE BUS!!" Another mans voice says. I start to get scared and move around until my eyes open. But I can't move. I make a moan through my voice "OMG we have to get her washed off she has blood everywhere on her!" An olds man voice says 


~Harry's POV~

We were heading towards Yass down in N.S.W. it's very small too! When the car in front of us got tumbled over by another car. Probably drunk I'd say. When the car stopped rolling I saw a girl way out of the car and another girl next to the car with blood all over her. Louis goes to the girl with the most blood on her near the car and I race towards the other girl "can you hear me?" I ask the still breathing body "mmhmm" she says opening her red eyes "ahh" I say and land on my bum from my squatting position "I have a reason why I'm like this" she says pointing to her flaming red hair and red eyes "Tanisha" she says sticking her hand out for me to shake. I shake it and says my name "harry styles" "cool name" Tanisha says "than-" "BLOOM!!" Tanisha screams cutting me off and running towards the other girl and shaking her "bloom" she says resting blooms head on her lap. Bloom? That's on odd name for a beautiful girl? I thought "everything's gonna be alright okay?" I say to Tanisha. She nods her head "HEY WE SHOULD GET BOTG OF THEM INTO THE BUS!!" Louis screams checking the car for signs of any other life. 



A/N sorry it's short! Ill write a longer one next chapter:)

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