~*~something like fate~*~

This story is about a big city girl moving to a small town called stratford, up in canada, meeting a new friend, meeting someone she cant stand, but she cant stand to be away from him for to long? this girl believe in love at first sight, but with the boy she met by her new bff and her boyfriend, she doesnt know if its annoyance. Or if its love at first sight


2. Chapter two

gabriella's pov-  
I walk into my new school, my first class went by in a blur, i was walking to lunch, standing in line i feel a tug on my hand, i look over my shoulder and see that girl ashley, she seems nice, i think i made a new friend, she is smiling at me

Ashley-hey girl, you can sit with me and karen, we bring our lunches, you wont have to eat this nasty stuff again, you can have my sandwhich and chips, 

She's generous, she doesnt even know me and shes lookin out for me. Aw. Im keeping her

Gabriella-aw, thanks ashley,
Ashley-my friends call me ash or...
She starts giggling,
Ashley-or ashy...
I sorta giggle but i dont wanna offend her
Ashley-yea, because in middle school i ashy elbows, now im all smooth, whoever started that, can suck my invisible di--

She gets interrupted when someone bumps into her, ashley stop and turns aroud glarring at this girl, she was beautiful, looked kinda nice, 

Ashley-ya know, u always ruin my day when i see you out by justin, id much rather you be slutty somewhere else. Ya got me?

I looked at ashley, that was really mean,
???-hm, what was that? I cant understand bitch, i didnt know you had friends?

I was wrong..she looked at me like i was from another demention, she starts saying things slow, to me, i mean, yea... Im latina, i sometimes speak spanish, only when im pissed off or something,
She leans on her knees and smiles at me, whatta bitch..

???-do. You. Speak. Englè

I get offended and step closer, and smile,

Gabriella- sí, y saben hablar perra, Don't try me 

She looks confused and i smirk, 
Gabriella-its funny, cause i speak too, so ash we should be GREAT friends 
Ashley giggles and pats my back, lets go before her sluttiness spreads on us

We walk away giggling, i like ashley, she doesnt take bullshit, like me.. this should be a really fun senior year, 

Ashley- you're awesome gabriella!
I hold one hand up.
Gabriella-call me either gabs gabby or gabee
Ashley-hm, i like gabs 
She smiles and raps her arm around my arm

We get to our table and ash introduces me too karen, we hve our little girl talk and we just become closer, by the minute. 
ashley starts talking about he boyfriend ryan, about the larty they are having friday night, 

Ashley-gabs, you can stay with me and get ready at my house and we can hit that partaay.

We all laugh,
Gabriella-does he have parties all the time?
Karen-yea, him and justin do. All the time.

Justin, that name again, so he'll be there.. I start to blush when i hear his name, im glad they dont notice, 
Gabriella-so justin will there aswell?
She nudges me alittle and winks at me.
Ashley-thinkin bout hookin up with justin?
My mouth drops and my heart stops, 
Gabriella-pfft, no? he isnt my type.
Karen-mhm.. Suuure

We laugh; then the lunch bell rang and lunch was over.
School went by fast, so did the week, me and ashley always hang out with ryan and justin by his rangerover before and after school. Justin got to where he liked touching my ass, i dont know i kinda like the attention. 

Its friday afternoon, school let out me and ash go to our normal spot, i walk up to them and justin instantly grabs my waist moving his hands down into my butt pockets, and he starts to whisper in my ear, 
justin-you comin to my party tonight?
I whisper back;
Gabriella-dont have anything better to do
Justin smirks and looks at me, i push myself back away from him, god his eyes are perfect, he would never go after you gabby. Yes he will! Wait,. Im talking to myself,
justin lets go of me when that girl comes up, the one that loves to talk shit? she sits on justins lap and kisses him,
Justin-hey mikayla, 
He smiles at her. 
i tug on ashleys shirt and tell her im leaving, 
ashley nods
Ashley-ill pick you up to come to my house at 5 so be ready!
i nod and walk away, i really hope that girl is not at this party, i think ill have to choke someone before the night ends. 

I turn around to watch everyone fade away as i walk down the street.. tonight should be fun.

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