~*~something like fate~*~

This story is about a big city girl moving to a small town called stratford, up in canada, meeting a new friend, meeting someone she cant stand, but she cant stand to be away from him for to long? this girl believe in love at first sight, but with the boy she met by her new bff and her boyfriend, she doesnt know if its annoyance. Or if its love at first sight


3. Chapter three

~*~ at ashleys house~*~

Gabriellas pov- sitting there infront of the mirror with ashley, watchinf her as she put her eyeliner on. she does it to perfectly. And it looks professional. I put my makeup on and go to her room and change into tight highwaisted shorts and a tight belly shirt, and some converse, ashley walks in and stops and stares at me.

Gabriella-too much?
 Ashley laughs and walks to me and looks at my bellybutton. 
Ashley-not enough! have you ever thought about getting your belly button pierced?
Im puzzled.. I have thought about it, but my sister would never let me.
Gabriella-uhh. Yea. I have.
Ashley-my sister can pierce it! She pierced hers! she did a goo job. Shes very careful. 
Ashley walks out the door, im nervous, i want it done just not now, but if it looks good. Im gunna keep it in. 
Ashley and her sister walks in with a little piercing gun. 
Ashley-gabs this is my sister sister this is gabs. Now pierce her bellybutton
ash's sister-alright alright, now, gabriella this is going to pinch just for 2 seconds.
She gets on her knees and pinches my belly, she starts her job.

After she got done with my belly button, my belly was alittle sore. She told me not to do any belly to belly dancing, it'll get ever more sore, 

Ashley-just grind on'em 
I giggle and look at my belly, its adorable, i love it

~*~at the party~*~

We walk in and the first person that we go to is ryan, they're so cute together, i look around and justin isnt anywhere to be found, i sit onthe counter top as ash and ryan make out hard over here, i tell them im going to the bathroom. And walks to the staires, im not having any fun, so i walk into a random room and see someone standing in his boxers with no shirt on. I stop and hold my hand up. Its justin.
Gabriella-oh im..uh. Im so sorry
Justin-nah its cool, come in.
I walk in slowly closing the door behind me,
Justin is looking at me from head to toe
Justin-wow, um.. Nice bellyring
I shrug and put my hand on my hip, trying to act cute i guess.
Justin walks over to me an stands close to me.
Justin-its gabriella.. Right?
Gabriella-yea,, but just call me gabs or gabby.
Justin looks deep into me and a smile creeps the corner of his nice perfect pink lips, 
Justin-i like gabriella better. 
I blush and looks away.
Justin-want a drink? 
He walks back to his little mini fridge an keeps looking at my body.
I shrug while nodding, 

I walk around the room, looking at pictures of him and looking athis cologne. i feel hands creep on my hips and a look in the mirror to see justin looking at my ass, 
Gabriella-like what you see?
Justin smirks and whispers "you know it" in my ear, he taps my ass walking away to his drawer pulling out jeans. 
I couldnt help but watch him, his body is so hot. i noticed tattoos on his body, holy shit, thats sexy, 
justin notices me looking at him and smirks, his smirk is so cute, unf.
He walks over to me and leans me agenst his desktop and has his hands holding my ass, the music is playing loudly so the bass is bumping his room. We start dancing, his hands are muscular, they rub up and down my back to my ass. He's still smirking. I turn around my back to his stomach and my ass to his junk, and start grinding. His hands creep up my belly shirt, i push his hands back down to my hips. Then a knock interrupts our moment, and a small drunken voice yells over the loud bass. "Justin? You in there?" Justin sighs. He knows who it is. 
Justin-yea.. Hold on a minute

Sorry i have to stop here. Im super tired. Goodnight! Ill post again tomarrow

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