~*~something like fate~*~

This story is about a big city girl moving to a small town called stratford, up in canada, meeting a new friend, meeting someone she cant stand, but she cant stand to be away from him for to long? this girl believe in love at first sight, but with the boy she met by her new bff and her boyfriend, she doesnt know if its annoyance. Or if its love at first sight


1. Chapter one

Here is my new movella. I hope you like this one better<3 comment. Like. Favourite. Whatever makes you happy. And whatever makes you want me to update(:

here is the characters

gabriella marie gonzalaz-17, senior in highschool. The new girl. The sweetheart, nick name is either gabs gabee or gabi, from california, moved to stratford ontario, believes in love at first sight

Justin drew bieber-19, graduated, likes to hang outside if the school yard to flirt with easy highschool girls with him friends, can be sweet, but can be a jerk. Lives with ryan,

ashley elizabeth moore- 18, senior, becomes bestfriends with gabriella, sweet but doesnt take bullshit, dating justin biebers bestfriend, 

Ryan butler-19, graduated, dating ashley, bestfriends with justin, lives with justin in a big party house (throws parties all the time) 

Mikayla james-18, senior, the schools slut, popular, bitchy, slutty, whore.. Yea, flirts with justin all the time, tries to ruin gabriellas life, 

Giselle gonzalaz- gabriellas older sister, 24, married to brian, gabriellas gardian, (you'll find iut why in a few chapters)


Gabriella's pov- bling bling, bling bling went me loud ass alarm clock, shit,, my first day at a new school. giselle moved up from california after marrying her husband brian, who got a job up i canada, stratford to be exact, i get up out of bed to the voice of giselle at the bottom of the steps 

I groan and sit up, the sun blinds me, it just peeks through the blinds at a good spot where my eyes sit when i sit up from bed. I roll out of bed and look at my closet, i grab my holy jeans and a white teeshirt, i look in my mirror and sigh, im not even gunna try to look good. Not like im gunna impress anyone anytime soon. i straighten my hair and put my eye makeup on; ties my white nikes tight and walk downstaires.
Gabriella-goodmorning gissy, morning brian
Brian-mornin, hey, gabriella, i have a surprise for you

Giselle is smiling and is excited,
i grab a water and sit on the counter,

Giselle-dont sit on the counter honey

 I roll my eyes and get off
Brian throws me his car keys 
I drop my water bottle and catch the keys and i smile

Gabriella- forreal?! You're lettin me drive you're baby!

giselle smacks brians arm and looks at him,

Giselle- i thought i was your baby?
Brian wraps his arm around her waist and kisses her, normally ill gag and walk out but im excited that i get to drive his car! AAAH! Like, he wouldnt even let me lean on it, let alone drive it!  I hug both of them and grab my backpack! 

Gabriella-thanks guys! Love you ! 
I run to the car and get in. I take a big ol' wiff of the new car smell, an start it, i back out of the driveway easy and slow, i have to take good care of this thing, hopefully he'll let me drive it more, or or or or, even GIVE it to me! oh my, best first day ever! 


Gabriella's pov- pulling into school with this sweet car was amazing, everyone stared as i pulled into a parking spot and got out grabbing my backpack out of the trunk, putting my sunglasses ontop of my head, i shut the trunk and look around, everyone was looking at me, i smirk alittle and walk to the fence where i see a few cars, one was a range rover, unf, i think guys who drive those cars Are just sexy, its the car im drawn too, not the man, i look at the guy who is leaning on the hood with a snapback on and sunglasses, he was cute, i could tell he was looking at me cause his head followed me, i look at him and bite my lip, he smirks and raps his arm around a girl, she's gorgous, thats probably his girlfriend or something, i stand there starring at him, then someone stands behind me and starts talking, 
Its a girl voice? 

Girl-who ya starrin at?
I jump and drop my keys, 
Gabriella-holy shit, dont do that?
Girl-oh, my bad, 

I turn around and study her, shes my height, maybe about an inch taller, i think its the kind of heels she has on, she has big blue eyes and long redish brown hair, 

Girl-sorry! I forgot to introduce myself, im lorie, and um... You are?? 
 When i almost said my name someone walked up behind me and looked over my shoulder and spoke.
???-mrs,nosey body, she dont want you as a friend, i mean.. I wouldnt.. Ya feel?
Lorie-bite me crouching bitch,

The girl laughs and pulls me away,

???-sorry you had to talk that loser, 
Gabriella-oh, um. Its alright?
???-im ashley, you're gabriella right?
Gabriella-yea? howd you-
Ashley-ive seen you guys move in, i live like 4 houses down well my boyfriend and his friend does, 
Gabriella-oh. Well, its nice meeting you?

We walk up to some group of people, the same group of people that, that guy was at. Ashley walks  up to a guy leaning next to the boy with the sunglasses and snapback and starts making out with him. 

???-mh baby, you look sexier and sexier everytime i see you
Ashley laughs
Ashley-shut up. Guys this is gabriella. 
I wave nervously, 
ashley-and this is my boyfriend ryan and his friend justin, 

Justin, justin, sounds sexy, 

Justin smirks and tilts his glasses and winks at me, he just sent chills down my spine, unf, hes perfect,
The bell rings.
Gabriella-um i gotta go, see ya later. 
I walk away quickly, 

Eh, bad, i know. Im sorry for that

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