~*~something like fate~*~

This story is about a big city girl moving to a small town called stratford, up in canada, meeting a new friend, meeting someone she cant stand, but she cant stand to be away from him for to long? this girl believe in love at first sight, but with the boy she met by her new bff and her boyfriend, she doesnt know if its annoyance. Or if its love at first sight


4. Chapter 4

 "Justin? You in there?" Justin sighs. He knows who it is. 
Justin-yea.. Hold on a minute


Damn,, i seriously wish it happened like that.. 

I like justin, alot, after i walked away from ashley i walked into his room thinking it was the bathroom and saw him and mikayla having sex, the didnt stop when i walked in, i didnt wanna show him i was hurt so i walked out quickly, and walks to the bathroom, 
He said... He um... Ugh! I officially hate justin bieber! Why did i fall for him, 

i walk down the steps mad, ashley stops me, ugh, shes drunk,
Ashley-hey, gabbyy! Th.. 
She burps and starts giggling,
Ashley- a guy is wanting to dance with you. 
I look over and see a guy wave and nod at me, hes kinda hot. 
I walk over and he whispers in my ear, i think i can forget bieber now,  this guy is perfect, we walk to the dance floor and he grabs my waist. I start to grind on him, he moves his hand up and down my stomach, he whispers in my ear, 
???-nice belly ring,
I smirk and turn my head alittle
???-im travis
Travis-mh.. Sexy name
I shrug and fluff my hair,
Gabriella-i know. 
He sits on the couch and i sit ontop of him. God, hes hot.. He grabs my ass, i blush and look around. All he can stare at is my body, i lean in and all i can smell is beer on hos breath, TURN OFF. But hey, he's a doll. we start making out like crazy, i feel eyes on me and travis, he moves his lips to my colar bone and i moan slightly, 

The night ends and me and ashley leave, travis still on me, we lean agenst his big truck and then he starts making out with me again, hes a GREAT kisser by the way,
I feel a tap on my shoulder i turn my head to see ashley,
Ashley-hey, can ya'll finish this later, i dont feel good at all.
Shes holding her stomach, im a good friend, i nod and look at travis, he hands me his phone and i put my number in it, he kissed
 me one more time and i followed ashley to her car and get in the drivers seat, wasnt gunna let her drive and kill us, i take her home and i help her inside, i walk home, her house isnt but a block away from mine, i get to my house and i dont even manage to change into something comfy, i just lay in bed, and drift off to sleep, man whatta night.

~*~ monday at school~*~

Its monday, everyone hates mondays. I even hate mondays, but.. This monday was perfect, me and travis skipped class and went under the football bleachers and just made out like crazy, we just cant get enough of each other, 
 Gabriella-mh. Travis, we missed two classes, dont you think we should hea back?
Travis talks while kissing my neck
Travis-few more minutes baby, 
He continues to suck on my neck, man it feels good,
Gabriella-what if someone catches us?
Travis- they wont baby,
He still continues to suck my neck,
i moan slightly and take his snapback and put it on me. He looks at me and smirks, i love it when he smirks, 
Travis-so, babe, wanna like... Go to my truck and.. bone?
My eyes widen and i push him away, 
Gabriella-travis! NO! its one thing we make out but having sex is another thing! I dont even know you enough to believe you'll stay with me after it, 
Travis grabs my hands and kisses my cheek
Travis-i was kidding baby,

Baby.. Baby.. Who else called me baby? Oh right, my almost sex scene fanasy with bieber. Stop thinking about him gabs, 
Travis kisses me again and we walk back to school, 

i like travis, alot.. But im afraid he'll be like the others, i mean.. Im still a virgin. So... It'll take alot from him to get in these pants.

Sorry it took so long! :( i didnt have any ideas! Im gunna have a coauthor! Shes my cousin danielle. Check her stories out whenever she posts them! @pookie.ok 
<3 comment what you think about the sory <3

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