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1. Youtuber Christmas! (Sam Pepper)

(For The_Cupcake_Hazza)

I pulled my jacket closer to me as the freezing wind blew my blonde locks everywhere. I hated how cold it gets in the winter, I'm the type of person who gets cold very easily. I was currently walking to my best friend, Finn's house. He was one of the two twins, Finn and Jack Harries.

I turned and walked up their driveway to the front door, knocking slightly. I heard faint Christmas music coming from inside. Jack was the one to answer, wearing a green sweater. "Taylor!!" He smiled and hugged me. "Hey Jack!" I smiled as he let me inside. The house smelled of gingerbread cookies, and pine. "Finn! Taylor's here!" Jack yelled.

I heard footsteps stumble down the stairs and a second later Finn was hugging me. "Taylor!!! I'm so glad you came for Christmas!!" he chuckled. "I figured, why not? I mean why not spend Christmas with the best twins I know?" I smiled and took off my coat. I loved being at their house, I felt like I was at home. 

I could name pretty much everyone who was there. Finn, Jack, Marcus, Maz, Louis, Zoe, Caspar, and Alfie. A heard a knock on the door "Finn! Jack! Open up I'm freezing my balls off!" Finn and Jack laughed and looked at each other "Sam." Jack opened the door revealing a tall British boy with black hair. 

"Thank god! For a second I thought I was going to freeze to-" He stopped and stared at me. "And who is that?" He asked. "That's our friend Taylor, shes American." Finn smiled. "Oh hello there, I'm Sam Pepper." He held his hand out. I gladly took it "Oh believe me I know...." I trailed off when I realized what I had said. I blushed and tried to fix it "I mean, I watch your videos all the time, You always make me feel better when I'm sad and I think you're completely adorable." 

I stopped myself again, again realizing I had just admitted that he was cute. I looked down, my face burning by this point. "Oh, Well thank you, love." He chuckled. I awkwardly nodded and walked away, embarrassed as hell. I sat down by the fireplace, and screamed in my head 'I'm such a idiot!!!'

Finn and Jack were going around with mistletoe's on a stick, asking people to kiss them. I laughed, Finn and Jack are the cheeky type. Then that's when Sam came out in a reindeer costume holding a mistletoe. I started laughing uncontrollably, he looked ridiculous! He sassed over to me "Soo, what do you think?" He smiled. 

I couldn't stop laughing so I waved my hands, trying to tell him to wait a second. As I kept laughing, he smiled, leaned down and met my lips. I instantly stopped laughing and blushed...hard. He pulled away and smiled "Sorry, did I startle you? It made you stop laughing though." My heart felt like it would lead out of my throat at any moment. 

I sat there in a daze "Would you like another one?" he said cheekily. I opened my mouth but I couldn't find the right words to say, so I just looked down and bit my lip. "I'm going to take that as a yes." He lifted my chin and kissed me again, and this time I kissed back.

"This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous but, when I first saw you...I think I fell in love." He chuckled.   

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