I Was Just A Bet

My name is Jamie Love i started out as a loner with no friends my boyfriend was Liam Payne the most popular highschooler and i should've known that our relationship wouldn't work. I waked into the gym like my only friend asked me to and she was hiding behind the bleachers in the gym recording a conversation with my boyfriend and his friend on our anniversary i found out Liam was only using me to get money. I was just a bet! so the next year when he went to the X-Factor i changed the way i dressed the way i did my hair the way i ate and now i wear contacts instead of glasses and i am now a famous singer


4. you cant do this!

Jens Pov

I was getting a phone call so I told Jamie I would be right back.

*Phone Call*

(J=Jen Z=Zayn)

Z: Jen Its me Zayn

J: What do you want.

Z:Did you watch the news

J: Yeah Why?

Z:Are you with Jamie?


Z:Is she going to do it?

J:Sadly yes she said she has to.

Z: Liam is going to be heartbroken

J: Well you know what Liam left Jamie heartbroken so I guess its karma he will get over it.

Z:Are you even upset that shes going?!

J:Zayn you're an idiot! Shes my best friend why wouldn't I be upset!?!? 


J: How did you even get my #

Z: Simple its called the internet babe

J:Dont call me babe



"Jen where are you?!'' Jamie called

"In here!" I called after her

"okay Jen I got to go" She said

"Where?" I asked

"To go get my brother"

























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