I Was Just A Bet

My name is Jamie Love i started out as a loner with no friends my boyfriend was Liam Payne the most popular highschooler and i should've known that our relationship wouldn't work. I waked into the gym like my only friend asked me to and she was hiding behind the bleachers in the gym recording a conversation with my boyfriend and his friend on our anniversary i found out Liam was only using me to get money. I was just a bet! so the next year when he went to the X-Factor i changed the way i dressed the way i did my hair the way i ate and now i wear contacts instead of glasses and i am now a famous singer


6. her father?

Liams Pov


"yes listen to the pretty girl before i kill her!" the man said holding the gun to her temple

Jamie sat there with one single tear going down her sweet and caring face. that was now scared and angry.

jamie was untieing herself when the guy wasnt watching. When she was doneI steped forward and the guy pulled the trigger but instead of hitting Jamie he hit the wall because jamie stood up and ran towards me.

"come back Jamie you wouldnt want to disobea your father now would you?" This messed up guy was her father? now I feel bad. For what I did to her when we were in highschool together.

Jamie slowly turned around and started walking towards him. when she got to him she was sbout to give him a hug when she went crazed and punched him across the face kicked him in the gut. he startedto get ready when she grabbed his arm with the arm she could and took his gun and shot him and he fell to the grownd.

When she turned around she pointed the gun and shot at the same time someone behind me did she shot him in the head and he died but when i look back at Jamie ahe was laying o the ground and she was shot in the leg.

 I ran over to her and picked her up.

I ran over to an ambulance that just got here and jumped in the back with the guy that took jamie in the back... off to the hospital....



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