I Was Just A Bet

My name is Jamie Love i started out as a loner with no friends my boyfriend was Liam Payne the most popular highschooler and i should've known that our relationship wouldn't work. I waked into the gym like my only friend asked me to and she was hiding behind the bleachers in the gym recording a conversation with my boyfriend and his friend on our anniversary i found out Liam was only using me to get money. I was just a bet! so the next year when he went to the X-Factor i changed the way i dressed the way i did my hair the way i ate and now i wear contacts instead of glasses and i am now a famous singer


1. Flashback

Jamies POV

i am going to the gym to meet my friend Jennifer and there i saw Liam leaving and Jennifer crying with her phone on the phone on record on the floor i ran over to where she was sitting on the floor and she handed me her phone and i listened to the conversation she had recorded.


(L=Liam F=Friend)

F; ok liam i dont know how you made it but you dated the most nasty girl in this school for 2 months

L; yeah i know i was there cough it up

F; how much

L; $300

F; i thought you would want more but whatever you can break up with Jamie now good job man

L; to bad i have to call her and tell her im breaking up with her bye dude

F; Bye

-end of conversation-

i sat there crying next to Jen with her holding me in hug when i got a phone call


(L=Liam J=Jamie Jen=Jennifer)

L; hey babe


L; Do what babe

Jen; dont even bother you have hurt enough already

L; how did you guys fi-

J; keep it to yourself we are over  oh wait you already knew that!

L; im sorry!

Jen; you need to stay out of my life and you need to stay away from Jamie and but out of her life

J; goodbye forever


-end of call-

Jen will you stay at my house tonight i cant handle my brother myself i said

of course Jamie let me call my mom

Thank you u are the best

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