Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


10. Chapter 9

Just open  up!

Like a page in a book

These words that I'm writing won't be misunderstood 

If ! I'm dishonest bring me back to my knees Show me why I'm even able to speak!  


"Alice alice if you can hear me move any part of your body or open your eyes you could even mumble something"   

"Alice please"  

My eyes fluttered open slowly as the bright light in the room attacked my eyes. I looked around as if I was just seeing the world. I knew where I was but I worried if I can speak or not?  

"Alice!!! Your awake oh thank god we all thought you were gonna die! I should get the doctor" Ethan started to run off but I stopped him by pulling his forearm.  


".......thank you" I could speak I'm glad Ethan's eyes opened up wide and he walked out the door to get the doctor.  

What day is it? I grabbed my phone from the small table next to me and I turned it on.   

"Oh my god" those three words slipped from my mouth as I gasped and covered my mouth. It was June 25th.... I was in the hospital two weeks ago... I was in a coma since then.  

"Yea she's awake she even spoke! Can I take her home please" I heard Ethan and the doctor coming so I placed my phone back on the table.  

"Oh look you are awake that's great news now tell me how do you feel?"    I felt bitchy in the inside and I just snapped   

"No tell me why the hell I was saved? Tell me why two fucking weeks ago I could hear almost everything you guys were saying when I was under my coma? My heart dropped why! Because I was awake you dumb fuckers couldn't hear me! And Ethan your little girlfriend wants me dead so why didn't you let me die! If you cared enough for me you would of let me drown with my cut I hate you! Now let me go I'm perfectly fine!" Ethan and the doctor were stunned by what I had to say and it brought Ethan to tears.  

"You know I saved you because I wanted you to live because I love you and I love seeing your beautiful eyes and hearing your voice!" He was screaming at me with the pain stuck in his throat you could hear it as he spoke. He ran out the room....  

"See now great now he's crying!" I threw the covers off me but the doctor shoved me back to the bed. I was still weak so I spit in his face to get his hands off me.  

My feet touch the piercing ice cold tiles as I stumbled my way out the door. I hurt Ethan....he saved me for a reason.  

"Ethan!" I called his name as I paced my self around the hospital placing my hand onto walls for grip.  

"Ms.alexandra please get back to bed before I call the nurses" I heard the doctor call my name down the hallway behind me. I ignored him and continued on my way.  

Where would Ethan go?wait I know outside. I walked to the back exist so no one would see me and surprisingly that's where he was.  

"Ethan" I placed my hand onto his shoulder.  

"No stop get off me you hate me anyways why are you here!" He turned around forcefully and the tears in his eyes made his eyes glisten in the moonlight.  

"No I don't hate you I hate that I love you so much it's been killing me. I ran away because I thought you didn't need me you had Melanie.... You seemed to like her and I decided to back off. I have caused so much trouble for you and I'm sorry I just wanted it to end. I can't take being on this earth anymore your my best friend and I love you! But it may just never work for us" tears formed in my eyes as I heard the thunder rumble in the sky and the lighting flashing in the clouds.  

"Alice I love you more then anything. I want to be with you I don't even like Melanie she's rude and spoiled my heart belongs to you. I died when you disappeared but I was devastated that your goodbye text to me was almost the end of you. If you didn't fall in the water later I probably wouldn't be talking to you and being able to feel your beautiful skin. When I saw you I saw the blood in the water as the splash formed and I dived in to save you. An the scary thing was I saw your eyes opened as if you already died! I did CPR on you as the ambulance came. I was scared and in tears. Peace is all you want then don't die god I love you so much it hurts!" I bursted out into tears as he explained everything to me I'm selfish and I know it!    The rain started pouring down on us as each drop of rain soaked us.  

"Ethan I-"    His warm hands grabbed my wet face and his lips pressed against mine. It was like magic the rain fell on us as we kissed.     


It's kinda a long chapter hope you like it but....WHERE ALMOST TO THE END OF THE BOOK D: sad but I will gladly make another one which I will when the end of this and there should be more chapters earlier now since it's almost the end you guys. I had fun writing this book and I write what I feel most the time and I have a crush on my neighbor who I believe who doesn't notice me and I have a liking for austin mahone but guess what you'll know more in my new book!   Well see ya guys :D

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