Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


9. Chapter 8

Don’t make me walk out the door

Don’t you throw it away

Don’t make me

Don’t make me

Cause I’m leaving for good And I’m not coming back again  


I can still feel my heart beating in my chest. Who saved me? How the hell! I wanted to die they should of let me rot at the bottom of the ocean where I belong.    My body feels so cold as if the blood in me is gone and I'm just a living ghost. Maybe I am dead. My lungs feel like their filled with water.  

"Ali-" who was that speaking? Their words sounded slurred. Why can't I open my eyes!

"She not no" what? What's going on!!! I'm scared!! How come I can't open my eyes why is my body so cold why can't I move anything I can only hear my mind and the words in the room!

"Help someone!! Anyone!!" They can't fucking hear me! I think I'm in a coma or in some type of medication.   I'm scared I can't take this I'm trying my best to move anything flinch whatever!! I can feel my heart beating faster as the heart monitor beeped out of control and I heard everyone in a panic.  

"Doctor is she coma?" Coma!! What!  

"We he- heart maybe a seizure" what something about my heart or I'm gonna have a seizure please someone!! Save me. I can't take this I can't take it!!!  

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" I screamed as loud as I could even if they can't hear me but I believe they heard something from me.   I can feel my body sweating and my heart kept beating almost as if it would explode any minute!  

"She's go- insane! Nurse!" I'm going insane i know that's the point just help me!! What did I put my self into! Why didn't I just die!  

" charge 3...1" I'm guessing the doctor was charging me up cause my heart dropped that's when everything just stopped. Silence flooded around and everything was still black. I'm falling.


 Ok guys sorry for the late chapter for this book there should be a update every Friday and I'm making a new book it's kinda about my life as it is now and ummm I hope you guys enjoy this book :D

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