Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


8. Chapter 7

Could you check my pulse for me To see if I'm alive Cause every time that I am near you Is the only time I feel alright If there were any way I could think to turn back time  

My back is aching from the the branch I slept on. I don't even know how it's possible a human can sleep on here. Well unless you toss in turn then I advise you not too.   

I looked through the leaves seeing the  beautiful sunrise. I checked my phone seeing that it was only 4am. I woke up a bit early but that's ok it's time for me to continue walking anyways.   I climbed down the tree fixing my self as I continue walking down the road. I'm on my way to the city now. I'm still wondering if I should continue...ill keep going.

  I could already hear the cars beeping there horns as they race down the road to their destination. I could also here people shouting at one another.

My phone started to vibrate and I saw I was getting a phone call...from my mom.   I let my phone ring not wanting her to find me or get me. My phone ranged about 4 times until she just left a message. I clicked the message and it said

"Oh sweetie where are you! Please tell me I'm worried sick! You left the hospital and then Ethan said he had you at his house but then you left that too why are you running from everything? Please come home" my moms voice cracked in pain as I could hear her sniffling from the tears

I should go home but I'm not going to go home nobody wants me I'm just trouble to everyone. Ethan doesn't even love me he lied he loves Melanie! If he did care he would of left melanie already. Nobody knows how much pain I'm going trough  I could just kill my self.   I clinched my fist as the tears rolled down my hot cheeks. I knew what I had to do and I'm gonna do it today. I found my self a nice area to relax in for the rest of the day.  

**** midnight 

I just sat here all day doing nothing nobody found me thank god. Well I guess this is it. I got up from the grass making my way to the moonlit pond.   I pulled out my phone giving everyone a goodbye message with the picture of the pond in it.

"Dear Ethan I've been reading your messages as I cried out in pain. You found me but your eyes did not see me nor did your heart. I was in the tree and I saw you run off with Melanie. You love her I know and I won't stand in your way no more. Erase me from your memory as I'm about to erase you from mine. This is the end of Alice's journey. Everyone is mad here"  

"Dear mom you've been through so much and I have causes you so much pain! And I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry that I was the one who killed father maybe if I didn't tell him to go to the store that night he would be with us still. Don't remember me anymore as I lead my way to the light or the pits of hell. Take care of the little one and take care mom have no sorrow and no pain as I am gone"  

I hit send and got my self ready for the end of my life. I saw that Ethan has already read his message and he was replying to me. I brought out my pocket knife and carved the words into my arm.   "Peace" my arm gushed out the warm blood as I aligned my body with the pond. 

I read the message from Ethan as he said he was on his way. I could feel my body loosing blood as I felt lighter and lighter and that's when I felt the water touch my skin and someone screaming my name as everything has gone black.       

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