Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


7. Chapter 6

Nobody's gonna love you if you can't display a way to capture this. Nobody's gonna hold your hand and guide you through no it's up to you.

  "Put her back in the hospital right now! She deserves to rot there"

  "What the hell Melanie! No stop being a bitch to my best friend wouldn't you want me to save you if you did the same thing she has done?"

  "No because I wouldn't be stupid enough to run away from a hospital!"  

"Melanie stop it right now! Your being a serious bitch to her she has done nothing to you"  

"Who's side are you on? I'm your girlfriend not that whore!"

  I could hear Melanie and Ethan screaming at each other. They aren't meant for each other but whatever. I opened my eyes to see they were in the other room.

  "Ethan for gods sake I'm sorry babe alright I'm just a bit jealous of her"

I saw her caress his face as he held her hand. I must go I quietly walked to the window that was in Ethan's room. Thank god there's a ladder here on the side.   Before I left I heard one word come from his mouth.  

"I love you Melanie don't forget that"  

My heart stopped beating my eyes filled with warm tears. My body just froze for a few seconds. I quickly climbed down the ladder. I'm sick of this world I'm running away.   I ran down the street going anywhere idk where.

It was sunset the beautiful sky's were orange,pink,purple all summer colors. I enjoyed it as I kept walking down the street.   My phone was being blown up by text messages from Ethan. I didn't answer I just looked at them and continued on my way. It's almost midnight I need somewhere to stop. I somehow ended up at Ethan and I's favorite spot the tree and pond.

  I slowly walked up to the tree seeing the carving of our names in the tree with a heart around it. I placed my hand on the carving bringing tears to my eyes.   I jolted my hand back quickly as I heard voices approaching my way. I climbed up the tree quickly and his behind all the leaves.

"Melanie! Where is she I'm getting worried" the panic in his voice was unbearable

"I don't know and I don't care she's gone now maybe she went back to the hospital we can check there sometime again tomorrow?" She said nonchalantly 

"But she didn't answer her phone!"  

"It could be dead please babe trust me she's fine lets go somewhere together for a date!" I saw her pull on his arm as she jumped in excitement.  

".....alright fine where too?" I saw them walk away from the tree and down the road as she shouted out places of where to go.

I guess I should stay up here or maybe not I don't even know anymore. I'm pretty beat up so I can just fall asleep on the tree ill be fine.   I unlocked my phone and started reading his messages.  

"Alice where did you go!"  

"Alice you there??"  


"Please answer me if you heard anything with me and Melanie it's not true!!"  

"Ik I told you we would work things out together but please trust me we will!"  

Tears came streaming down my face and then I got another text message from him.  

"Alice I don't know where you have gone I'm missing you. I love you so much it's unbearable. I don't know if you still feel the same you probably heard me say I love you to Melanie but I just said it so she will shut up! Come on think of the times we've been together and how I made you laugh. I won't forget those times. I'm just afraid you'll be dead when I find you. Don't harm your self I love you too much"  

I bursted out in tears and in sons as I cuddled my self up on the tree branch. I slept up here before but this time I feel like it's not the same. I turned my phone off and put it in my pocket as the sobs continued on through the night until I fell asleep.

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