Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


6. Chapter 5

She sets up high surrounded by the sun one million branches and she loves everyone. Mom and dad did you search for me? I've been up here for so long.

  I wake up to my phone alarm going off. Perfect, it's 4am enough time for me to sneak out of this hospital before Ethan's dad comes and gets me. Also enough time before nurses and doctors start coming in rooms unless they need help now.   I turned off those stupid machines they make too much noise. I made my bed and slowly opened up the giant window in the room. Thank god I was on the bottom floor or else this would be difficult.  

I knew that there may be people up at this time ill just have to be sneaky. I crawled my way out the window and fell into the bushes. I crawled my way through the bushes until I got to the street. When I reached the street I ran straight to a forest I believe?   I didn't dare to look back to see if anyone was chasing me all I did was run and run. I looked at my phone and it was exactly 4:15am.

I need to get back home now. My baby brother and mom must be home. No wait if I were to go home now my mom would question why I left the hospital. Wait the hospital will call my mom damn it.   I guess I should run back and no, I must keep going forward ill go find Ethan. I dialed Ethan's number hoping he would answer and he did.  

"Uh hello?" I woke him up but that's ok his raspy voice spoke through the phone. It was kinda cute.  

"Ethan,Ethan help me" I probably scared him by the way I said that.

"What? Alice?!?!"  

"Help me Ethan! I snuck out of the hospital and I'm scared" I tried to speak in a whisper just in case.

"Where are you! Ill come and get you now"  

"I'm in the forest by the hospital, please hurry m- pho- is" my phone shut off and restarted its self.

The wifi here sucks but the scary thing is I forgot this is the forest people get kidnapped from.   As I walked stealthy through the forest my phone was going off like crazy with messages from Ethan.  


"Alice are you alright please answer"

"Why are you in that forest! Get out now!"

"Alice I'm here at the hospital I need you to get out of the forest now"

"Alice please answer me!"   All those messages were 10 minutes ago. I tried calling him again and there was no signal so I just texted him.  

"Ethan stay there"   I believe I'm lost but ill find my way out. I turned around to run through the forest from we're I came from. Ethan replied back to me and said that he was waiting for me.   It was 5pm now and I'm still running. Thats when I heard some type of foot steps that weren't mine.. My heart started racing so I ran faster. I pulled my phone out again and called Ethan.

  "Alice where are you!"

  "No time for where I am I'm still in the forest but I hear foot steps that aren't mine I'm running I see the hospital I'm scared please help me!"   I tripped to the ground and dropped my phone. I saw a man behind me running. I let out a terrible screech as if I was in a horror movie. I heard Ethan call my name. I stumbled to my feet grabbing my phone running not looking back.   The man had a knife with him and a mask on I couldn't see his face. He was wearing all black. I kept running knowing I was almost there and I saw Ethan running towards me. But I was pulled by my ankles to the ground.  

"Ahh let me go right now!" I started kicking and screaming. I kicked him in the face and  released his hands. So I stumbled back to my feet running into to Ethan's arms knowing that everything was ok.   But the fact I almost died. Was not ok. I know I can trust Ethan because he loves me but his dad... I cried on Ethan's chest as he carried me back to his car.

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