Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


5. Chapter 4

I kissed the scars on her skin I still think your beautiful and I don't wanna loose my best friend.

  I can hear faint voices speaking around me. As if their whispering or trying to hide what their saying not to wake me?  

"No Ethan she's a worthless bitch anyways I don't want to talk to her!"  

"Melanie don't give me lip she's my best friend your being a serious bitch not trying to at least say hi to her!"

  "Ethan shut the hell up! She's not your girlfriend I am I love you she doesn't" I rolled over to pretend as if I'm still sleeping. They stopped yelling and that's when I decided to open my eyes.   I open my eyes to see this pretty brunette girl that has perfect posture and dresses as if she's rich. She must be daddy's little girl or something. Pffth little bitch she is.  

"Alice your awake!" I saw Melanie roll her eyes as Ethan was glad to see me awake.  

"Who's the bit- I mean the girl?" I tried my best not to laugh but she knew what I meant and scuffed at me.

  "Oh this is Melanie my girlfriend sh-" Melanie interrupted Ethan with her stupid words.  

"Yes I'm Melanie Ethan's girlfriend he's all mine and I hope your ugly, freaky cutting problems don't rub on him. Oh one more thing when's the last time you tried to apply makeup because you look like shit, I would let you borrow mine but I don't want ugly to rub off" oh hell no this bitch is not fighting with me. I crawl out of bed standing up, it's weird I haven't stood in a while.

  "Hold the fuck up princess dont you dare try to play games with me. If I had a wet wipe I could wipe away 98% of your fucking beauty. Next off I don't apply much makeup as you need to because I'm not as ugly as you are bitch. So why don't you go get your little daddy to pay for plastic surgery for your ugliness" I said in a bitchy tone. She stepped back in shock waiting for Ethan to help her out but he was just standing their laughing.  

"Well excuse you......your just a.....your a fucking ugly whore that loves Ethan and wants to get with him because he's the only thing that is willing to get with you!" I ran up to her and pulled her to the ground.   I started to pull her little perfect hair and started to scratch her face. She was screaming in terror as Ethan pulled me off her. She steadily got up freaking out.

  "Your a crazy bitch! How dare you how fucking dare you!"   Ethan was holding me back.  

"You don't think ill do more watch me! Watch me whore just watch me!" I saw the flower pot on the table that was filled with water I broke from Ethan's grip and grabbed it and threw the plants out. I walked up to her face and pour the water all over her. Her eyeliner and mascara smeared down her face. The foundation mixed in with the water dripping off her face. Half her beauty is already gone.  

"You little bitch!!" She screeched and pulled me to the ground. She was pulling my hair and bitting me. That's when I heard his voice.   Ethan's dad was here. I knew he was.  

"What the hell is going on! Get the fuck off her" Melanie gets pulled off of me and Ethan's dad comes over to me and slaps me.  

"Ethan! Why did you bring her to visit this thing? Look at it seriously!" I regained my strength and stood up.

  "Dad that's my best friend!" Ethan was about to attack his father but he stood down  

"No she's a dumb worthless piece of shit, Melanie is your girlfriend and will always be your girlfriend since your not a good enough man to get one!"

His father turned around and looked at me.   I was breathing heavily and wiping blood off of my arm. That's when I felt Ethan's dad shove me to the ground. My face hit the cold tiles first it hurt so bad I almost cried but I had to stay strong.   His father lifted me up by my hair

"I will deal with you later" he slammed my head back to the ground pulling Ethan and Melanie out.   Where the hell were the nurses or doctors? My head is bleeding I just got beaten up. Ethan's dad is going to rape me again! I rather die then let him touch me.

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