Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


3. Chapter 2

I could be the one too make you feel that way I could be the one to set you free!

  I wake up in my bed not remembering what actually happened last night. After the day in the park with Ethan I went back to his place and we watched Finding Nemo together. I guess I fell asleep and he carried me back.   He even tucked me in bed how sweet. I sit my self up right to see a note on my small table by my bed. It says "princess" I'm guessing its from Ethan.

  I slowly open the letter to smell cotton candy. At first I thought he stuffed cotton candy in there but he didn't. There was a letter written in print.

  Dear Alice,  

Hey beautiful! You fell asleep last night and I took you home trying not to wake you up. You sleep so peacefully it's adorable. I don't know if I can write this in the letter or not...... Never mind I was going to tell you something but ill just tell you later. Have a goodnight sleep my princess :)                     


He has to tell me something. A shiver went down my spine as the thought kept crossing my mind. Does he hate me? Or does he love me. Or maybe it's something bad. I'm making my self anxious and worried at the same time. I could feel the butterflies form in my stomach as I kept thinking of what he has to say to me. Should I ask him? Or should I wait. I don't wanna sound annoying. Ugh.   I shoved my head into my pillow letting out a small scream. Caleb my little brother walked in while rubbing his eye and having his little teddy bear in his left hand.  

"Alwec" he says quietly he can barely pronounce my name correct but that's ok. I throw my blanket off of me to get up and pick up my baby brother.  

"Yes Caleb?" I carry him back to my bed to cover him up in my blanket with me.  

"I'm scared" he hesitates to say his words and starts to cry. He gets scared easily from being alone for too long. He thinks that something will take him.  

"Aww is it the evil creature you see again" I try my best to say in a fun tone to make him laugh. I tickle his tummy and a smile forms on his small face.  

"Yes....will he kwill me?" My body freezes for a second and I just pull Caleb into my arms rocking him back and forth.

  "No he won't even dare to touch you because he knows that your brave and you have your trusty knight mr.sparky (the teddy bear)" I hear my phone starting to ring as I reach to grab it.  

"Ethan" I whisper under my breath. I sounded anxious and excited.

  "Hello!!!!!" I shout 

  "Hey alice" Ethan sounds like he has been crying about something.  

"What's wrong...." My heart starts beating quickly I could feel it. My breathing starts to pick up I feel light headed. There are butterflies in my stomach. Caleb is leaning on my chest where my heart is but he's sleeping now.  

" oh umm I wanted to tell you that I umm..." He stutters to let out the words he has to say to me.  

"I......I have a girlfriend now" the phone slips out of my hand as I hear it crash to the ground. Caleb jumps up as I get up from my bed and run to the bathroom. Not thinking of what to do I just barge into the bathroom closing the door  and falling to the ground in tears. I was devastated and in pain. My brain is fuzzy and I'm shaking.

I grab onto the counter to lift my self up and look into the mirror.   I see tears all over my face that's when I spot the razor in the corner. My hand shakes to grab it but its in my grip. I hear Caleb outside the bathroom crying out to me. He will get my mother soon who is sleep.

I turn to look at my self once more then to my arm.   This will be my first time doing this but just because its my first it doesn't mean anything. I place the cold metal of the razor onto my bare skin. That's when I jerk my arm hard side ways with the razor blade. Before you know it there's blood rushing out of the wound.  I hear my mothers feet hitting the ground. The sound gets louder and louder as she gets closer.   I apply the razor wants more and more blood comes out. My mother is screaming my name and banging on the door. Caleb is crying and calling my name as well. Everything is blurry my vision isn't clear. I fall to the cold ground passed out.

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