Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


13. Chapter 12

Is this really you? I- can't help but see the pretty things in this dirty business that we do

  "Oh my goodness this hotel room is amazing!!!"

I gasped and looked around the room placing my bags on top of a queen sized bed.   The room was beautifully decorated with pictures of Disneyland and famous people. There were two queen sized beds side by side, a bathroom, and a little area to sit and watch TV. The best part was the view! There was a balcony that let you see Cinderella's castle.  

"Oh I love it here so so much!! Lets go to the castle" I jumped onto Ethan in excitement.  

" ok, ok just give me a minute please" I couldn't wait another minute we had 10 minutes to get to the castle before the fireworks go off.   I grabbed Ethan's hand and pulled him out the door with me. There was laughter and excitement. Nothing less and nothing more.  

"Alice slow down haha"

I couldn't slow down, we rushed down the halls and into the elevator.    I quickly pushed the lobby button and couldn't sit still till we got to the lobby. The elevator went down and down until we reached the lobby. The doors opens up and I pulled Ethan out and ran outside.  

"I can't wait! This is gonna be so much fun like the time when we were little and we saw alice in wonderland!!!"   

"Yea exactly!"   

We quickly ran to the castle weaving in and out of people and trying not to let go of each others hands. We finally reached the castle and the countdown was already beginning.  

"Ohhh!!! I'm so excited yeeee!" Ethan wrapped his arm around my shoulder as my head rested on his shoulder.  

"3,2,1" the crowd grew into a loud roar as the bright lights from the fireworks went off. Oh how the fireworks glisent in the night sky.  

Ethan turned to look at me and before you know it his lips were pressed up against mine. I don't remember him ever liking me but I'm pleased for the kiss.    After the kiss I started feeling a bit weird in the inside. I looked around and then placed my eyes on Ethan.   

"I have a girlfriend now"  

"Put her back in the hospital she deserves to rot there!"  


"I love you" everything came flashing back to my head as I lifted up my sleeve to see my scar somewhat saying peace. I looked at Ethan in shock my heart was pounding my mind was fuzzy. My breathing became heavier as I ran away with warm tears coming down my face.  

"alice!!! Where are you going!"   No words came out my mouth except a moan of pain. How come nobody told me this. I kept running dodging people as Ethan chased me.  

"Alice please stop!"  


My eyes were blurred by the tears and that's when I heard a loud screeching noise and bright lights. I turn to see a car coming right towards me before everything goes black.  


An that's the end of the story guys :) I may make a sequel hope you liked it :).    

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