Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


2. Chapter 1

Always trying to please people is the most difficult thing you could ever attempt. But the sad thing is how can I please everyone when everyone is different? I get so stressed out when one person judges me for something. I mean seriously though everyday I get judged and all I want too do is cry and just rock my self back and forth.   I can't wait too leave my school and start over maybe I won't be bullied or judged anymore when I start fresh and knew. High school may just be my year or it may just be the year hell starts all over again.   I get up from my comfy bed and stand in front of my mirror. I have dark brown long hair my hair goes down to my butt,grey but blue like eyes, I'm about 5'6 kind of short for my age, and I have a tan skin tone. I see I'm not pretty what so ever and I see why people don't like me but my friends do and so does my family. But for some reason that doesn't matter what so ever!   I turn from my mirror not wanting to take another glance at the devil my self. My best guy friend is Ethan and he lives a couple of blocks down from my house. He wanted me too come over today which I will when I finish getting dressed.   I finished throwing on my wardrobe and ran down the stairs to say goodbye to my mom. I nearly tripped on my baby brother toys but that's ok. My mom was on the couch watching her favorite tv show again. I kissed her on the cheek and ran out the door to go to Ethan's.   As I was running I saw no one what so ever outside. I mean I could understand that because its gloomy outside and somewhat warm. I finally got to his house and ringed the door bell hopping on my heels then too my toes as I waited patiently.   "Alice!!!" Ethan shouts to me and pulls me into a tight grip. I get a wif of his cologne and he smells extremely good. He calls me alice because of alice in wonderland it's my favorite movie and he knows it.   "Heyyy!" A warm smile comes to my face as it did to his face. I stared at his beautiful  black hair pushed into his black beanie hat as his chocolate eyes stared into me like no one else was around.  He was about 5 inches taller then me which made him cute. Almost every girl in our school was in love with him.   "Come in my princess" he moves from the door as I recapture my self from day dream and go inside. Me and Ethan have been best friends since kindergarten.   "What shall we do? Go to our favorite park and sit under our tree, play the guitar at the park under our favorite tree or just stay here and be bored like losers we are haha" his laughter is so cute it brings a smile to my face causing me too laugh back.   "Let's go to the park and bring your guitar and you can sing for me" I've been trying to get him too sing to me for so long but he always denies too.   "Fine fine I will play guitar but no singing! I don't want too kill your hearing with my dying whale voice haha" he runs upstairs too his room as I head out the door walking to the park already not waiting for him to catch up.   I could hear him running behind me as I hear him place his guitar down so I turn around to see him running towards me as he picks me up and spins me around.   "Thanks for waiting!" He snaps but laughs after.   "Oh you are so very welcomed" he places me down on the ground as I could feel the sadness spreading through my body knowing I'm not in his grip anymore.   It was silent as we headed to the park well it's not even a park it has a beautiful tree there that has dark purple leaves on it and a beautiful crystal blue lake ahead of it. So we just sit there half the time when we want too get away.   We got too the park and sat down in our spots under the tree as Ethan got ready to play let love bleed red by sleeping with sirens. We share the same taste in music which I like about him.   "Lay me down and tell me everything will be alright things will be alright" my voice projects everywhere as I see a smile on Ethan's face.   The feeling of being  next to him brings me joy, the song ended and Ethan grabbed my hand rubbing his finger on my top hand. I felt this comfortable feeling in my heart i felt safe. He wrapped his arm around me pulling me down to lay down on his chest. We usually did this everyday but sometimes we just go out to be public. I love these moments.....I love him.
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