Age Is But A Number

This is the story of two people from completely different worlds. Gynnx A 13 year old girl from Utah finds Harry Styles' Phone in the park and will do anything to get his phone to him. But when she gets it back to him, they fall in love.


16. More ahhh ;)

Gynnx POV


"Sorry? I didn't catch what you just said?" 

"Fat chance." I giggled. A smile went across his face. Then he looked at me with his big green puppy eyes. I couldn't restist. I kissed him. We made out for like an hour. "Satisfied?" He nodded with a childish smile on his face.  "Your cheeky!" I smiled. "I try." He made me giggle. "I like you." He said I rolled my eyes "nooo?" I asked sarcastically. He laughed. "I liked you too!"

then planted a short sweet kiss on his lips. He wouldn't let me go. With his gentle hands were settled in my waist line. My arms were around his neck. He picked me up and turned on slow sweet music. "May I have this dance?" He asked "I would be honored." I giggle and rested my head on his shoulder. My feet were on his. What? He's tall. " ugh get a room!" Niall came in and demanded. "So we can dance?" I asked looking at him like he was a big idiot. "He is an idiot." Harry whispered in my ear tickling it. It made me giggle. I whispered back, "I know Hazzybear."

He whispered, " Ooo I like that. Call me that from now on." I giggled and rolled my eyes at Niall gagging. "Niall go to nandos or something." "Ooo I love nandos!!!" He grabbed his keys. "See ya."  " bye Niall" me and Hazzybear said in unison. "It even sounds cute when I think it." "What?" "Hazzybear." I smiled. He giggled. "Aww you giggles so cute." I smiled with my lower lip sticking out. "Not as cute as you do.." He booped my nose making me giggle. He was gazing at me again. So I went cross eyed again. He laughed.

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