Age Is But A Number

This is the story of two people from completely different worlds. Gynnx A 13 year old girl from Utah finds Harry Styles' Phone in the park and will do anything to get his phone to him. But when she gets it back to him, they fall in love.


5. Continued

" Other then running away from my abusive father, running out of gas, smashing

my phone and, forgetting my wallet so I have no money for a hotel, I'm fine. Did

I mention I don't know I am."  I said wondering if he understood anything I just said considering I was crying the entire time I said that.


" Oh...How old are you?"


"I'm 15...." 


"Oh.. well.. come stay with me...I have a spare bedroom you can stay there as long as you need to.."


"I don't think that's a good idea..See Cruz I would totally go into fan girl mode if I went into Harry Styles house.."


"Its OK.. Come on" he held his hand out and waited for me to grab it. I did and then I felt a fuzzy feeling go through my body starting at my toes.

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