Age Is But A Number

This is the story of two people from completely different worlds. Gynnx A 13 year old girl from Utah finds Harry Styles' Phone in the park and will do anything to get his phone to him. But when she gets it back to him, they fall in love.


15. Ahhh ;)

Harry's POV 


"Stop laughing its not that funny."

"the Harry styles having a room full of men's thongs isn't funny?"

i blushed at the thought of him in one of those things then laughed even harder. 

"Ok that's it!" He walked over to me, picked me up, and carried me to a pool. "Don't you dare Styles!" But I was in the air by then. I had to get back at him. I landed in the pool and fake hesitated. "Help I can't swim." "Oh crap here grab my hand." I grabbed it and pulled him into the water. Then started laughing again. I swam fast and got out of the pool. I ran inside and found the thong room. I took a bunch of pictures and sent them to the 1d girls. They all replied lol. Harry came in soaking with a playful death glare on the floor. "I'm a swim champ." I admitted then giggled. "Well played Carson...Well played.." I smiled proudly. "Thanks...Styles..Thanks.." I said mocking him! "Your giggles cute!" He smiled. I blushed. "Who the freakin rose now?" "Says the guy with a room full of thongs and is so gullible he'd look at the ceiling and see nothing." "Are you ticklish?" "Yes...Wait hey?!?!?" "Mwahaha" he picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I was laughing the entire time. He brought me to his living room, then tackled me and tickled me to death. Not really but yeah. I grabbed his g arms and pulled him into a kiss. It was kinda long but also short. It was passionate. He pulled back but only so far so our lips were brushed together.

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