Age Is But A Number

This is the story of two people from completely different worlds. Gynnx A 13 year old girl from Utah finds Harry Styles' Phone in the park and will do anything to get his phone to him. But when she gets it back to him, they fall in love.


17. Ahhh ;) part three

Harry's POV


"Stop ruining the romantic gaze!" I pouted. "Aww your so cute when your pouty." She squealed. " Your so cute when you tell me I'm so cute." She giggled. It made me smile. "I have to go to rehearsal. But I want you to kiss me first." She frowned then made out with me for 10 minutes. Ahh those bells. I've heard them before. But these were way different. They were Mixed with a church bell, violins, a piano, and so on... "Bye my Hazzybear I wuv u" she kissed my nose. "Feel free to look around anywhere that's not in the thong room. She laughed at it. "You don't wanna know do you?" "No..But I like imagining you in one..did I say that outloud?" She blushed. " yep.. I'll be home soon. Bye GBear. " " I like that. Bye Hazzybear." She gave me a quick passion filled kiss. I dipped her. "B back soon Gbear..." And with that I left.



Gynnx POV


I slowly shut the door. Once I did I sighed happily. I walked around his maze house til he came home with the rest of the boys. I ran up to him and kissed him with passion. Ahh the instruments being played in my head like a wedding song. He picked me up and spun me around. "Missed you Hazzybear.." "Missed you GBear.."I giggled making him smile. He gently set me down and pecked my lips. "Oh Gbear this is Liam Louis Zayn And you know Niall. Guys this is Gbear..Er.. Gynnx. My girlfriend...My gorgeous Girlfriend if I may.." He said looking at me. "You may." I giggled. He smiled. I got a devious idea. "You guys wanna see something funny?" The all nodded. "Follow me.." I took them to the thong room and they fell to the floor laughing along with me. "Hazzybear has a thong room.." Zayn teased him. "I pretended to be upset with Zayn. 

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