Harry Styles: the schools most innocent student. Riley on the other hand, is a fire-red haired badass. What do they have in common? And, what joins them together?


1. Chapter One

Riley’s POV:
I woke up, running my hand through my cherry hair.  I threw on my black skulls sweater, and ripped white jeans and my pink neon VANS.  “Ma!  I’m going to school!” I walked outside, grabbed my skateboard and began riding in the mid-road.  “You know, riding a skateboard and chewing gum can be very distracting and may cause a higher risk for accident.” Harold spoke from behind.  “Oh sit on it!” I yelled gliding past him.  “Yo Robin!” I yelled to my best friend, “Sup Riley!” she yelled from the end of the block.  We rode down to school, of course we were late, but who gives a fuck?  “Out of my way Styles.” I pushed past the curly haired freak.  “I don’t mean to cause commotion, but there is a polite way of rephrasing that.” he chased towards me, “Put a sock in it loser.” God!  My hate for that nerd grows each day.  “The bubonic plague then swept over the Middle Ages, killing over one third of the population.” Mrs.Pieces (pronounced Mrs. Pee-es-ez) babbled.  I groaned, just a little too loudly.  “Ms. King?  Is there a problem?” Mrs. Pieces asked, “Yea, you’re boring.” I spoke leaving the class.  “Riley!” Mrs. P called for me down the hall, “What?” I turned around.  “I know your father just died, but you need to behave in a classroom.  “Whatever.” I put my back to her and walked away.  “UGH!” I screamed in frustration down the empty hallways.  “FUCKER! AND 3 HALVES!” I said angry.   “If you take deep breaths, it calms you down.” Robin said, “Just leave me alone Robbi.” I yelled, “Fine but look ahead.” Robin’s voice echoed down the hall.  My shoes became interesting, so I stared at their movements while I walked.  BAM!  My lips unknowingly met another.  “Why, Riley.  I never knew you felt about me that way.” a smooth voice whispered in my ear.  Was that Harold fucking Styles?

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