Who should I love?

This is my first story so dont judge me hope you enjoy!
Alex was one of the biggest One Direction fan in the world!
But what happens when she met them up close and personal?
Do you think one of the guys will fall in love with her? Read and find out!;)


2. Meet the boys

A/N: Sorry I Promise To Updat More And Sorry For The Short First chapterWell Here You Go And I Will Do 3 Or 4 Chapters Today But 2 At The Least.~Sofia Recap- Harrys p.o.v Something That Will Change My Life..... HARRYS P.O.V. I Saw The Most Gorgoues Girl Standing in the front row.When I Saw Her I Knew Had To Have Her. Then I remembered the backstage pass that Niall gave me. I ran up to her as fast as I could and gave it to her. She screamed so loud but I still couldnt take my eyes off her. I couldnt wait to meet her.. Alex`s P.O.V. Harry ran up to me to give me a backstage pass. I practically screamed as loud as I fucking can. But then I noticed that Harry was staring at me the whole concert. Maybe he likes me? Does he? All these questions kept coming to mind. But why would he like me I am not special? Hes to good for me. Finally the concert was over and I couldnt wait to meet the boys!I tried to stay as clam as I could. But the I hear "Hey, wait up" It was Harry running towards me.I Froze I wanted to say something but NOTHING Came out.. Harrys P.O.V. I saw a girl in the hallway wearing a back stage pass and I knew it was the goergous girl I saw. "Hey , wait up" I yell running towards her.She looked up With Those Brown eyes of hers. She just looked at me, and didnt say a word. "Whats wrong love?" I say well going in for a hug. I felt her smile. "Nothing I am just so excited to meet you" she said. "Oh well do you want to meet the other boys?" I asked Her. "Yes!" She Yelled.I showed her to the room were all the guys were at.We walked in and I can see all the guys just stare at her. I could just tell they liked her too. But iI was going to make her mine if it was the last thing I did....
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