Who should I love?

This is my first story so dont judge me hope you enjoy!
Alex was one of the biggest One Direction fan in the world!
But what happens when she met them up close and personal?
Do you think one of the guys will fall in love with her? Read and find out!;)


3. Do you want to go on tour

A/n: Ignore the quote thing dont know why it keeps doing that>.< Alex's P.O.V. I felt all eyes on me when me harry walked into the room. "Take a picture of her it will last longer" Harry said tobthe guys. "Oh sorry" All of them said. I was screaming in my head when they said that. "Its okay" I said while giggiling."Hi my name Is Alex" I say. Nialls P.o.v. When Harry walked in With Alex I couldnt take my eyes off here, she looked so cute and innocent. "Hi My is Niall and This is Zayn-" I was saying before she cut me off."I know who yoy are BIG FAN BIG FAN" She sqealed. I Saw all of the guys looking at her. Almost drooling! 1 Hour Later...... Louis P.O.V. "We Will Be Back Mate Stay Here With Alex While We Go Talk To Paul" Liam Says To Me. "Okay" I say with a huge grin on my face. After all the boys left I looked at Alex Looking so beautiful. "Alex come here" I say to her. "Yeah Louis?" She asks me looking confused. Before I knew it I crashed my lips into hers putting my hand up her shirt but she pulls away. " What the Fuck Louis We just met and you already want to have sex with me!" She says Angirly. "Sorry I dont know what came over me!" I say with tears in my eyes. She comes and tries to comfort me. "Sorry Louis I But we just met and its to early to do that okay" She tells me "okay" I say as i wipe away my tears. The boys come in and we start talking again. Harrys P.O.V. "COME ON GUYS WE GOT TO GO" Paul said yelling. " Hold on" I say to Paul. I pull Alex to the side, how would you like to go on tour with us?" I say nervously. " Yes a million Times Yes. Just let me tell my mom" She says. I couldnt help smiling Uncontralably.This awas Going To Be An Intresting tour.... A/n: Sorry For the Short Chapter(:
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