Who should I love?

This is my first story so dont judge me hope you enjoy!
Alex was one of the biggest One Direction fan in the world!
But what happens when she met them up close and personal?
Do you think one of the guys will fall in love with her? Read and find out!;)


1. concert

ALEX P.O.V. ---------------- "I couldnt believe that I was on my way to the One Direction concert!!! I cant believe I got front row tickets!" I Kept On Reapeating That In My Head!" Finally Were Here" I Yelled As I Got Out Of The Car. "Text me when the concerts starts so I Know your okay",My Mom said."Okay Mother" I Groaned. I call her mother when I get annoyed by her but I just know she is just trying to be protective. I got to my seat, About five minuites after I sat down the concert started! I was pretty much screaming my head off! BEFORE THE CONCER STARTED HARRY P.O.V. "HARRY GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!", Niall Yelled."Okay ,God!", I Said. Niall handed me a backstage pass And siad ",Paul said give this to one of the fans Okay", "Okay", I say as i grab them out of his hands. It Was 5 min till the show started. We got into our position then i started hearing the music and we started singing but something caught my attention, Something That Might change my life.........
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