Simon Cowell's Niece

All I'm gonna say is that this I about Simon Cowell's niece Emma.


1. Introduction

My name is Emma Cowell. No I'm not Simon Cowell's daughter I'm his niece. Anyways my parents recently passed away. They were in a terrible car accident I try not to think about it much but sometimes I just break down. But I'm now living with Uncle Simon traveling with him while he manages One Direction. It's hard though because I'm always distracted by 5 insanely attractive boys plus the other band members that play drums and stuff. Even though I'm 17 Uncle Simon still treats me like a 10 year old. I love him a lot but sometimes he just needs to lay off. Like his number one rule: don't fancy or date ANY of the boys not even the musicians. How much I hate that rule. But anyways this is basically my life now and trust me its complicated but I love it. 


Hey guys its Ly'Nese this is just the introduction chapter. If you have any comments or questions for me you can leave them in the comments or kik me @lynese14 and my Instagram is food_i_love_that_stuff 

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Stay amazayn, phenomniall, brilliam, extrodinaharry, and fabulouis!

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