Simon Cowell's Niece

All I'm gonna say is that this I about Simon Cowell's niece Emma.


3. Chapter 2

'Welcome to LAX' the sign read. I was so excited to be here, and even better I'm here with Louis. I should probably tell him I have a crush on him but even if tell him and he likes me back there is now way in hell Uncle Simon is gonna let me date him. Oh well I guess that's life for you. 

We got in a limo that's going to take us to our hotel. During the ride I was talking and laughing with Louis the whole time. And a little bit Niall but mostly Louis. I really couldn't be happier right now. 

*Zayn's P.O.V.* 

We arrived in Los Angeles and hopped in a limo to take us to our hotel. The ride to the hotel was fun but would be better if Emma would actually notice me. She spent the whole ride talking to Louis. I've liked Emma since she started living with Simon. The thing is that she doesn't notice me but I just wish she would. 

"Oh sorry Zayn" Emma said as she bumped into me. 

"Oh it's fine" I said with a warm smile. "I was wondering if you wanted to head to the park across the street with me" I asked her. 

"I would love to" she smiled " lemme just go tell Uncle Simon" 

"Ok see you in a few" I'm so excited for this I finally get to spend time alone with Emma. About 5 minutes later I was in the lobby waiting for Emma. She walks in but she's not alone. Josh, Niall, Liam, Harry and of course Louis. I am not happy right now. This was supposed to be just Emma and I, me, Emma, Josh, Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis. 

"Hey Zayn" she said smiling like its no big deal. I simply just waved back. 

"When I told Uncle Simon where I was going he said I had to take the boys and Josh with me because they would distract him from his work" she explained to me. I replied with a slow nod. 

"Let's get going then" Liam said breaking the silence.  

"SUUUPPPERMANNN" Louis screamed making Emma laugh. Why can't that be making her laugh. 

~So what do you guys think of jealous Zayn? Should there be another one of the boys to fall for Emma? I'm totally open for all suggestions even adding in other characters just tell me what you think 

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Love ya guys!

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