Mummy, Where's Daddy?

Niall and I were just fine, meeting each other when I was 15 and he was 19. We fell in love, and I was completely smitten with him. But after one drunken night, four years after we met, six months dating, I fell pregnant. Niall walked out when he found out, couldn't cope with the pressure of being a dad at 23. Only 19, I was confused, hurt and upset. When I was at the 8-months mark, I pulled myself together and got on with life. Now Alexander is 3, and he's starting to ask questions. Will his daddy be back?


7. Liar


Niall's best friend: Kristen 

Liam's girlfriend: Emily


"Do you want to eat somewhere?" George asked and I shrugged with an attitude. "Look babe, what's your problem?" he questioned, clearly picking up on my irked attitude. "Why do you think?" I snapped, "And don't call me 'babe'!" I frowned, and his face showed a hurt expression. "I-I'm sorry," he mumbled, looking down at the ground, his eyes showing he was upset at my annoyed answer. "I- just... I'm sorry," I managed to shutter, before turning around, tears streamed down my cheeks. "Wait! El!" George yelled after me but I just kept walking and walking, even when I heard the sound of his classy black and white skateboard's wheels making screeching noises behind me. "stop walking, please," George begged, jumping off his skateboarding and running in front of me, his skateboard held tightly under his arm. "Make me," I scowled, embarrassed of my tears. The next thing I knew, his lips were pushed against mine. "George...." I murmured into the kiss. "Shut up and kiss me," he replied and he kissed me again, only this time, I kissed him back. "Look, I'm sorry for whatever I did, please don't hate me," he pleaded and I sighed. "How can I hate a guy as innocent as you?" I mumbled shyly, blushing lightly. "What did I do?" George questioned, frowning in a really sweet way. "You kept asking about Alex, not me," I answered truthfully, wiping away my tears with the back of my hand. "I'm sorry. I never met a girl, like you, and immediately fall in love. I didn't know what to say," George muttered back, and I nod. "It's okay," I smiled softly. "Ellie?" a young female's voice called and I turned to face a girl, a teenager girl. "I'm Emily," she introduced herself, "I'm sorry if I interrupted anything, Liam sent me to find you," she said, smiling sweetly. "Oh, meet George, my...." I trailed off, unsure of what George's and mine relationship were at. "Boyfriend. That if she would like to," George piped up, smiling down at me. "George, I don't know, I mean, we just met," I started but George cut me off. "Love at first sight does exist you know," he interrupted and I smile. "Let's give it a go," I told George, grinning. "ahem," Emily cleared her throat and I gave her my full attention. "Liam's my boyfriend. He wanted me to look for you because Niall wants to talk to you," she said nervously. "Can I stay with her?" George asked, his hand reaching out and gripping my hand. "Maybe, come with me," Emily answered, smiling. We both followed Emily inside McDonalds and Niall was sitting at a table with Liam. "Ellie's here," Emily shyly spoke and Niall looked up at George and I, frowning. "I need to speak to you, come with me," Niall demanded, standing up and headed to the bathroom. "Can't I stay with El?" George asked Niall, and Niall shook his head. "Come on," Niall growled, grabbing my wrist and pulling me out of George's grip. "Ow! Leave me alone!" I screamed, hitting Niall's shoulder with my free hand. "Were you feeding Alex false information?!" Niall asked in a serious tone. Laughing sarcastically, I answered "Why would I?!" I snapped back, yanking my hand out of his grip. "Lying whore," Niall mouthed before leaving. "Idiot," I replied, leaving McDonalds, with George following me. 




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