Mummy, Where's Daddy?

Niall and I were just fine, meeting each other when I was 15 and he was 19. We fell in love, and I was completely smitten with him. But after one drunken night, four years after we met, six months dating, I fell pregnant. Niall walked out when he found out, couldn't cope with the pressure of being a dad at 23. Only 19, I was confused, hurt and upset. When I was at the 8-months mark, I pulled myself together and got on with life. Now Alexander is 3, and he's starting to ask questions. Will his daddy be back?


12. ''I want you out,''

''George...'' I sighed quietly, trying to push his hands away from my waist. ''I'm sorry, I'm sorry,'' George kept murmuring into my ear and I struggled to get out of his tight grip. ''Yeah, whatever, just let me go, I told Alex I would help him fix his Lego car,'' I told him, looking up at him and he hestiantly let go, loosening his grip just enough for me to wriggle out. Running upstairs once I got the chance to, I quickly pulled out a suitcase from under the bed George and I shared, soon flinging open the wardrobe and pulling out George's clothes. Hearing Alex yell for me, I was forced to pause the packing for George and went into Alex's room. ''Yes?'' I answered, leaning down next to him. ''I fixed it!'' Alex said proudly and I smiled, nodding then kissing his forehead. ''I'm going to give you a challenge. Can you make a plane in thirty minutes?'' I asked, grinning and he nodded, crawling over to the huge box; full of Lego pieces we had bought over the years. Hurriedly rushing back to our room, I gulped as I saw a tall figure, sat on the bed, his head in his hands. ''George?'' I murmured weakly, afraid all over again. ''Why?'' George questioned, looking up and I could just about see the tears glistening in his eyes. ''I-I don't want to go on like... t-this..'' I stuttered, wringing my fingers together nervously waiting for his response. ''I said I'm sorry,'' George sighed, standing up. ''I finished packing.'' he added, looking down at the ground, sighing. ''Oh...'' I said, my voice starting to crack. Was I really about to walk out on an innocent boy who just wants to protect his family? ''George, no, I'm sorry, please stay.'' I called out as he picked up the bag and was about to leave the room. Turning back, George managed a weak smile, before putting down his suitcase and going to me, pulling me into a massive, George style hug. ''Thank you,'' George whispered into my ear, kissing my cheek before a ring at the door was sounded and we were forced to pull away from the embrace. Smiling at him, I went downstairs and opened the door. ''Niall.'' I sighed, why did he have to come at this time? It was already hard and confusing. George soon stumbled down the stairs, wiping his tears away hurriedly and wrapping his arms around my waist again, and frowned as he saw Niall. Looking at the two boys in concern, and after a short while, George finally spoke.

''I want you out,''

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