Mummy, Where's Daddy?

Niall and I were just fine, meeting each other when I was 15 and he was 19. We fell in love, and I was completely smitten with him. But after one drunken night, four years after we met, six months dating, I fell pregnant. Niall walked out when he found out, couldn't cope with the pressure of being a dad at 23. Only 19, I was confused, hurt and upset. When I was at the 8-months mark, I pulled myself together and got on with life. Now Alexander is 3, and he's starting to ask questions. Will his daddy be back?


10. He's Back

A/N wow, the comments that I read are amazing! Thank you all for your ideas! All of them are so brilliant. Unfortunately, I can't write all of them in the story, but there will be some plot twists along the way, so enjoy!



"Mummy!" Alex screamed, panic in his voice. I ran into the kitchen where he was drinking his milk he usually drank before his bed time. "Umm.... Daddy one is outside!" he exclaimed. "Daddy one?" I asked, laughing. "It's not George!" he shouted at me, getting annoyed. "What?!" I replied, looking at the kitchen window. There were a small van outside, with blacked out windows. There were nobody outside of my front door. "Daddy one is here!" Alex snapped, making me jump and pick him up. "It's okay, I'll talk to him, you go to bed." I reassured him. "But I want a story!" he pouted, and I put him down. "Ask Dad for a story," I sighed, and he nodded then ran into the living room. "Hey Alex!" I heard George say, and I could tell he was smiling and hugging Alex. Going into the living room where George and Alex were, "Hey El!" George said cheerfully, yet sleepily. "Dad?" Alex called, poking George's cheek. "Yes?" he replied, and Alex looked at the window, then pointed at it. "Daddy one is here," Alex whispered fearfully, his body looking small in George's arms. George looked up at me, his eyes showing that he needed me to reassure both him and Alex. "I said that you would read Alex a story while I sorted Niall out," I sighed, looking at George. George nodded, then stood up, Alex still in his arms. Desperate to get rid of Niall, I rushed to the front door, and opened it. "Niall?" I called, and he turned around, his usual bright blue eyes a dull shade. He has been crying. Wow, I didn't expect that. "El?" he replied, and I smiled softly, almost sympathetic for him. "I'm sorry for calling you a lying whore," Niall added, and I shrugged. "Dad!" Alex's loud squeal came from the stairs and I looked at where the sound came from. The stairs. George were tickling Alex. "Dad?!" Niall exclaimed, and I looked back at Niall, this time with wide, scared eyes. "No, you're not coming in!" I protested without thinking. Niall groaned, "Come on! I just want to see my son!" he replied in a desperate tone. "No," I answered firmly, crossing my arms, leaning on the door frame. "Look, I'm sorry!" he begged. "If you are really sorry, and is that desperate to see Alex, at least beg properly!" I muttered sarcastically, and to my surprise, he got down on both of his knees, and grabbed my hands. "I'm serious. I'm sorry and I need to see you and Alex," Niall mumbled softly, his hands gripping my hands tightly. My heart felt as if it was going to melt, and I sighed again, but a bit of what he just spoke confused me. "You needed to see me?" I murmured confusedly. He stood up, then brushed the dirt off his knees. "Yeah," he answered my question, looking down at our hands. I pulled my hands away quickly, "Oh..." I mumbled shyly. "Can I see Alex?" he asks, and I shake my head. "No, I'm sorry, but no," I replied, and he muttered some curse words that was unaudible for me to hear. "Come on, please..." Niall begged, and I shake my head again. "Nope, I can't trust you," I added, crossing my arms once again. "Why not?" he questioned, looking up from the floor to my eyes. Those eyes truly made my heart go soft. "You called me a lying whore. You just left me a couple of years ago. I don't want to get my hopes up." I answered yet another question from him. "I'm sorry!" he exclaimed, his voice showing he was clearly irked. Sighing, I shook my head again. "You don't want to get your hopes up for what?" he irreorgated me. "For you to become a proper dad to Alex. I'm scared you will take off as soon as you can possibly can. You break promises. You promised me that you'd stay through my pregnancy, but after a couple of weeks, you run off!" I snapped, tears rolling down my cheeks as my mind rewinded the memory of when he promised me that promise. "I'm so sorry for that..." he mumbled, his voice softening again. "Sorry isn't good enough!" I snapped again, my hand reaching out to close the door on him, but his hand grabbed my wrist. "No... please, I mean it. I'm so so so so so sorry!" he muttered, his voice raising at the end. "I said sorry isn't enough!" I yelled, trying to pull my wrist out of his grip, but he just made his grip more tighter. "Ow!" I exclaimed, and he quickly let go of my wrist. "I'm sorry again!" he sighed, holding my hand again and examining my wrist. "El!" George screamed from upstairs, "Are you okay?!" he yelled again. "Who's that?" Niall asked, looking at me with a confused look. "I thought you met George already," I replied calmly, trying to wipe my tears away before George got to me. But, unfortunately, George caught my tears, and he looked at Niall with an angry expression. "What did you do to El?" George asked Niall, his voice angry. "I didn't do anything except apologise!" Niall snapped, looking at George. George's arms wrapped around me, his thumb wiping away my tears. "No, it's fine Georgie," I mumbled, hugging George back. "No, he made you cry didn't he?" George asked me, whispering into my ear. I shake my head, lying. "Don't lie," George mumbled, and I sigh. "Don't whisper! It's rude!" Niall muttered sarcastically. "Shut up Niall! Just... shut up, yeah?!" George replied, looking back up at Niall, his arms tightly around my waist, trying to make me feel safe. "No George.... let me deal with this," I sighed, not wanting to cause a fight. "Are you sure El?" George asked, looking down at me. "I'm very sure," I replied, smiling weakly. He nodded and went back upstairs, and I looked back at Niall, frowning. This isn't over.

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