Mummy, Where's Daddy?

Niall and I were just fine, meeting each other when I was 15 and he was 19. We fell in love, and I was completely smitten with him. But after one drunken night, four years after we met, six months dating, I fell pregnant. Niall walked out when he found out, couldn't cope with the pressure of being a dad at 23. Only 19, I was confused, hurt and upset. When I was at the 8-months mark, I pulled myself together and got on with life. Now Alexander is 3, and he's starting to ask questions. Will his daddy be back?


13. Don't Fall In Love Again

"I want you out," George spoke menacingly and Niall frowned, shaking his head. "George..." I whispered, wanting to sort this out, knowing what George did for quite a while. "What? I'm just trying to help my family here," George frowned, looking down at me. Damn, I hate being small in times like this, it makes me feel vulnerable when people look down on me. "Go and help Alex." I replied firmly, gently pushing his arms away from my body. Nodding, George accepted and started to walk away, glaring at Niall before jogging up the stairs. "Sorry about that," I quickly apologised, my eyes looking at Niall again. "It's okay. Did you get the stuff?" Niall asked and I nodded. "If you mean the teddies and stuff, yeah." I mumbled, looking down. "What's wrong?" he asked, knowing me far too well; if I looked down, I was guilty. "It's nothing," I murmured, looking up and smiling weakly. "It's something. What has George done this time?" Niall questioned, a concerned frown on his face. "He just keeps throwing your gifts in the bin. I only found out this morning," I blurted out the truth, sighing and Niall sighed as well, holding out his arms for an embrace. Accepting the embrace, I knew George would be furious if he saw but I don't really care, he lied to me. Niall held me tightly and I started to realise I missed his hugs, his kisses, his touch, everything about him. "No Ellie, don't fall in love again," I thought to myself, breathing in his scent. I couldn't help it really. He smelt too sweet and too... homely. "Alex deserves to know who his father is." Niall murmured softly, resting his chin on the top of my head and I nodded slightly in agreement. "Maybe you and George should take a break?" he suggested, looking down at me and I shrugged. "I don't know," I mumbled and I soon heard George's footsteps coming down the stairs, along with the sound of Alex giggling. After that, I have no idea what happened. Niall's lips crashed against mine... Hearing gasping and giggles... a hand pulling me back... punches being sounded...

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