The TroubleMaker

Taylor is a 16 Year old girl who decides to move to london with her aunt Sarah. But what happens when she goes to a new school and the popular guy name ''Niall Horan'' known as the trouble maker starts hitting on her... Read to find out



9. Wait What...!

When i herd those words come out of his mouth i was so scared what will he do if i leave. He still had a grip of my hand until my phone rang.

''Niall let go of my hand i need to check who's calling me'' ''Okay love but if you run ill find you'' he said with a smirk on his face

''I wont you idiot!'' he let go and i went to go pick up my phone when i noticed that my Aunt Sarah was calling my ...

''Hello'' I said threw the phone ''TAYLOR WHERE ARE YOU IAM HOME ALL READY IAM WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU! LUPITA SAID YOU WERE WITH A BOY YOU BETTER NOT BE!' i froze for a minute i stared at Niall he was laying in bed watching me. ''Taylor you there?'' said my aunt Sarah 

'' Oh yeah Aunt Sarah i was just looking at Nia- I mean at the ground''  i know shes gonna kill me Niall laughed a little. ''YOUR WITH NIALL!!!! I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM HIM IAM CALLING THE COPS GOOD BYE !'' '' NO WAIT AUNT SA-'' i was about to say more but she hanged up on me oh no. ''Umm Niall..'' I said sitting on the bed he got up and sat next to me ''Yes My princess?'' '' First of all iam not your princesses and second of all My aunt is calling the cops..'' his eyes widened and then they went back to normal ''Eh let her call them iam not scared.

''What do you mean your not scared of the cops i know i would'' i said standing up ''Iam not scared of them they know me all ready cause i been to jail like 20 times already and i guess they know my face pretty much'' He said laughing at it. ''Oh Shut up'' i said crossing my hands together. We were silent for 6 minutes he looked so calmed and cute just sitting there looking at the wall WAIT! em i staring to like Niall Horan the troublemaker ???. ''So Taylor tell me about yourself'' he said laying down on bed ''Well iam 16 turning 17 in a couple of weeks i love red roses iam a nice girl who loves to have fun...'' i continued to tell him about my life how my dad left my mom cause she was stupid and how i moved to London to get away from her. ''You have an interesting life love'' he said looking up into my eyes. ''Haha not really tell me about yours'' i dont know why but when i told Niall everything about my life it made me smile a bit. ''Well Iam Niall Horan iam 22 i love to do drugs i live alone and iam a boxer and that's pretty much it'' he said. ''oh..'' i felt weird at that point i didn't know he did drugs ugh iam stupid well duh he does hes a troublemaker and a bad boy Taylor of course he does drungs stupid me. I sat down again but he pulled me closer to him his eyes sparked a lot they were ocean blue my favorite color. He leaned closer to me and leaned to are lips crashed together we were making out for a while until we herd polices cars coming..... 

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