The TroubleMaker

Taylor is a 16 Year old girl who decides to move to london with her aunt Sarah. But what happens when she goes to a new school and the popular guy name ''Niall Horan'' known as the trouble maker starts hitting on her... Read to find out



7. Trouble...

I woke up the next morning i knew i had to go to school but i didn't want to. I sat up in my bed when i turned around i saw a leather jacket?? Then i remembered Niall slept with me last  night no wonder i felt some arms around me. I ran down stairs to see if he was still here cause if he was here my Aunt would kill me even tho shes not here. There was no sigh of him so he must of left oh well i guess ill see him and give him his jacket. I ran upstairs took a warm shower and got dress into some cute hot pink shorts and some white shirt and my pink. I put my brown hair in a pony tail. I walked out of the house with his jacket in one of my hands and on the other hand i had my backpack. I was almost at school when i felt someone tap my shoulder i turned around and saw Alexis. ''Hey'' i said waving at her '' Hey whats up and who's leather jacket is that cause i love it'' she said taking it out of my hand and putting it on ''Uh Ummm Niall's'' every time i said his name i felt something sharp hit my heart i wonder why? ''oh...'' she took it off and put it on me ''Why did you do that for?'' i said laughing '' You look good on his leather jacket'' she said and walked away. ''Thanks i guess and see you in Mr.Lopez class'' she just gave me a thumbs up. when i reached the school i entered and went directly to my locker. After that i went to Mr.Lopez class i knew i was gonna see Niall. When i entered i saw Alexis and i went and sat next to her Mr.Lopez started teacher the class when Niall came in late again. Mr.Lopez didn't seem happy ''HORAN! I TOLD YOU NOT TO BE LATE AGAIN YOU HAVE DETENTION AFTER SCHOOL!'' said Mr.Lopez coming at him ''Calm your tits Lopez i ain't coming i got better things to do then they after school with you'' he took a seat next to me. GREAT ._. . ''Hey Princess you look cute with my jacket'' he said winking at me that's when i remembered i was still wearing his jacket SHIT!.  i quickly took it off and gave it took him ''Haha no need to give it to me you can still wear it if you want to'' he said giving it back to me ''No thank you'' ''Why are you like that ?'' i was about to answer back but Mr.Lopez came ''Taylor and Niall stay after class both of ya'll are having detention with me after school'' and he walked away. what detention its only my 2nd they at school CRAP!. ''Looks like iam having detention with you princess'' he said looking at me '' Shut it jerk!'' then i noticed that Alexis wasn't here that's weird she was outside talking to me i wonder were she is? The day went by quickly like yesterday but i still had to stay after school with that Lopez guy. When i entered his class i saw Niall i can't believe he came to detention he said he wasn't coming ?. ''Sit Taylor'' said Mr.Lopez pointing at a chair i was gonna be at detention for 3 hours so boring..... ''Niall Taylor ill be back iam just gonna go get coffee DON'T LEAVE'' said Mr.Lopez Leaving the room. ''Hey Princess'' i turned around and faced Niall ''what jerk?'' '' You wanna ditch this and go somewhere with me?" i can't believe he just said that. ''Were gonna get in-trouble you know'' i never ditched detention because i never had it. ''who cares no one does lets go'' he got up and came towards me and grab my hand and pulled me to the door. ''Niall NO!'' ''Come on'' he said. he put me on his car and closed the door. He turned on his car and we drove off. ''YOU IDIOT IAM NOT STUPID LIKE YOU IAM GONNA GET IN-TROUBLE ITS ONLY MY 2ND DAY HERE! i was yelling right in his face '' Calm down princess ! iam only gonna take you to my house i wont hurt you!'' he said focusing on the road. OMG whats happening iam so scared hes taking me to his place what do i do ????? **********************************************************************

Hey Guys This chapter is kinda lame sorry >_< </3    

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