The TroubleMaker

Taylor is a 16 Year old girl who decides to move to london with her aunt Sarah. But what happens when she goes to a new school and the popular guy name ''Niall Horan'' known as the trouble maker starts hitting on her... Read to find out



5. Shopping

When i got home i deiced to go shopping with my aunt Sarah and get a new number cause i didn't want Niall's number on my phone. ''Aunt sarah can we go shopping and get me a new phone?''i said coming down stairs ''Why sweetie heart your phone is just fine?'' i sat down and put my head on the table. ''Its because this guy today got my phone and texted himself to get my number ...'' ''Oh my was he cute'' she said laughing. ''Yeah his name is Niall Horan..'' her face was in shocked like if someone died. ''Taylor sweetheart stay away from him please i beg you stay away from him'' she said coming at me and hugging me. ''why whats wrong and i don't even know him'' her hands were over her head ''Taylor just stay away from him hes bin to Jail and i don't want you ending up like that bastard now lets go to the mall'' we got in the car and drove to the mall the car ride was very silent i guess she was still shocked. When we arrived my aunt Sarah grabbed my hand and we went to go get my number changed when we finished with that we started walking around the mall. We decided to enter to Forever 21 when i was Niall with bunch of girls eww he makes me sick. ''Taylor iam going to the restroom stay here please'' ''okay'' and she walked away. I went to go sit when someone tapped my shoulder i turned around and saw him ugh... ''What do you want'' ''wow sassy much beautiful haha'' he sat right next to me. ''So called your number and it said that this number doesn't exist so iam guessing you changed your number cause of me'' he chuckled and looked away at some girls ''Maybe and leave me alone Horan i aint gonna be stupid like other girls i know you been to jail and know you sleep with evey girl'' i walked away but he grabbed me and i turned around ''Let me go'' ''No don't worry babe i wont hurt you trust me'' he hand my hand in a grip. ''OUCH'' i said taking my hand out of his. ''Haha i know were you live ill pick up up around 6'' he walked away laughing ''You dont know where i live'' ''Trust me babe i got people who worked with me and they know where you live'' at this point i was so scared he knowns were i live and hes gonna pick me up at 6 i never been so scared in my life i need to call Alexis and tell her about this 


A/n : sorry guys if its short i need to go somewhere ill try to update later c: love y'all and what do you think is Taylor gonna do?

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